Saturday, July 28, 2007


Legal entanglements

People, I'm having some real issues here at the Razor; at first I made a deal with the French to use some of their photos here, but now they are threatening to take over the entire blog. It's my belief this would be a disaster, given what a "great" job they have done running the Tour de France. Anyways, please have some patience as I try to work this all out, or you all might be driving tiny little cars and walking on cobblestones before you know it.

Ok, I'll bite.

Am I going to have to use the 18 heathen children scary voice to get those ornery Frenchmen in line? Please don't make me do it....I have hairspray, a lighter, and a box o' wine, and I am like McGyver. Let's call it Blonde Napalm. And, Olser, of all people, you know I do not have the time to do that translation thingy. Chop chop!!!
Oooh ! Les blondes effrayantes sont nos favoris ! Apportez-le dessus, Nursey-nourrissez !
Osler.. I do not know where you are but France in August is NOT a vacation.

But i know you will still find ways to amuse yourselves.

Send me a Napolean. By the way that is a PASTRY NOT the guy okay?
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