Thursday, July 26, 2007



Check out the comment thread on the last post for two job opportunities. Though, to be honest, one of them sounds like a living hell, since it involves trying to keep Donut in line.

Wow. I have been catching up on Razor news and have a few thoughts:

1) Yes, I do luv celebs & Us Weekly, I read the Enquirer in the check out line and lament the loss of the Weekly World News. These facts, although shameful and embarassing to me, don't really have any bearing whatsoever on my day-to-day existence. Great bathroom reading, though...

2) IPLawBaby is the most well behaved child in the world. I am considering proposing an arranged marriage between her & one of the CL kids to cement our position in La Cosa Osler.

3) Good luck to the BLS grads, kick some ass!

4) The new Harry Potter book looks to be in good supply, considering the stacks I've seen in airports & train stations lately. No worries, you can get yours.

5) IPLawWife rocks, and is an excellent cook. Always good to make new friends.

6) Did not need seven pairs of shoes, needed only five. Bates was right. Still not sure about the ointment.

7) NYC is my new favorite city, and I can't wait to get back. New Yorkers were friendly and helpful, and went out of their way to help us figure out what subway to take. Thanks!

8) Better Tipper than Al, I guess. Although I think Tyd is trying to Bogart my intern ;)just kidding

9) The CL is the most fun travel companion ever. Great trip!

THE Weekly WOrld NEws is out of business????

WHERE am I going to get my news now????

I have been a faithful reader ever since their cover story about how George HW Bush (41 - Dad) held a peace conference with some aliens at Kennebunkport. They showed him walking arm in arm with them and I remember thinking THANK GOD at least the galaxy is safe again.

Re: Iplawbaby.... I want to believe she is a very well beahved child.... But I cannot. I mean NOW yes she probably is. But it is Us against THem and pretty soon when she starts to walk... she will be a holy terror: Sweet, beautiful, adorable and loving, OF COURSE, but hide your palm pilot.
Mrs. cl, it was fabulous and fun to meet you as well! Can't wait to meet up again!

Tyd, yes people say that Iplawbaby is a good baby but I have my doubts. I put her in her little boat in the baby pool and she terrorizes other older children by chasing them relentlessly. If it weren't for her cute smile they might attack her back. And I can not even begin to discuss my frustrations at meal time.
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