Sunday, July 22, 2007


IPLawFamily vs. The Celebrity Luvrs!

If this photo is real, it appears that the IPLawFamily met up with the Celebrity Luvrs today in Washington D.C.

Is it just me, or is IPLawGuy not wearing a shirt??? What all was going on out there, and shouldn't this really be reported on by Swanburg, if shirtlessness is involved?

Did they marry sisters or something? They look kind of alike.
Well I have been over that letterman thing and I could not find the CLs I know they said they were in the front row.. Anyway I do not know why they are all nekkid, but Iplawwife is very pretty, and we already knew that CLs were part of The Beautiful people.
IPLawGuy kind of looks like he did some sport naked for hours, like in the ancient olympics.
Yeah, well, that's the kind of thing you get to do AFTER you pass the bar...
They do all have kind of disturbing smiles on their faces...
Of course I'm shirtless! We just came from the Washington Nationals game. Too bad you can't see the big white and red "W" I paint on my chest for all the home games. Look for me on ESPN!
Osler, he's clearly wearing a sweater, not a shirt.
Letterman, ESPN, IPLawBaby's new sitcom...when am I going to have time to study for the Bar when you force me to watch all this tv?
I hate to say this, Mrs. CL but you look a lot like Tipper Gore... Not a BAD thing unless you do not like Tipper. I have no problem with Tipper, other than her name... but then I have a dog named BOOGIE WOOGIE.


we moved Boogie's crate into Spencer's room, right next to his Fire Engine bed. Boogie has to sleep in his new crate, so that he will not eat our house at night. Spencer is very happy with the dog. He has said a few things lately that were hard to hear like his misses his old dog OH and he told us the other day that he wants our new house to be made of BRICKS.. I said WHY? He said so that no one can blow it down......

But other than that, we all like the new dawg. I like him a little less than they do actually. he is very very slobbery and drooly licks me all the time and tries to kiss your face and jump up he is very very friendly but not in a bad way just in an annoying way Also I think he may have ADHD. But he seems to like SPencer and he loves his crate and his Kong etc. He did try to eat the bed we put in his crate so we had to remove that... But he is still a nice dog He is going to be an ONLY DOG FOOD dog. NO PEOPLE FOOD.
Mrs. CL is WAY cuter than Tipper Gore. And she's not married to a sanctimonious bore either.
SHe is WAAAAAAY cuter than Tipper And the CL is WAY more interesting than Al Bore.
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