Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I felt so bad that I bought two...

IPLawGuy and I went back to creaky old RFK stadium again tonight to watch the Nationals lose to the Astros. It was a beautiful evening, and a great time. Actually, it was a great day all around. My meeting was fascinating, and the conference call went well. I have to say that it is great to work with Henry Bemporad and the others at the Federal Defenders. If you are going to have clients for an appellate brief, a group of exceptional appellate lawyers is a pretty good draw.

The one down note was this very sad sight at the baseball game. The Nationals are in last place, and there are a lot of empty seats these days (even with tickets at five bucks a crack). Plus, it was Tuesday night, never great for attendance. Our section was about 1/5 full. Standing in front of me was a morose young man glumly holding a tray full of souvenirs and muttering "Foam fingers... get your foam fingers." I'm not sure, exactly, how deluded a last-place Nationals fan would have to be to wave a foam finger that says "#1," but it appeared that no one in the stadium was quite that mentally disturbed. The poor vendor became so listless that he didn't even walk to other sections; he just kind of stood in front of ours hoping someone would have a brain seizure or some other mental break resulting in the purchase of a National's "#1" foam finger. Then, just when things couldn't get any worse, a second vendor arrived, also laden down with surplus foam fingers and robotically intoning "foam fingers... foam fingers....."

I don't remember that at all!

How many of those frozen margaritas did you drink?

You did seem disappointed that the Nationals mascot, Shreek, did not stop by to give you a high five with his wing.
Foam fingers RULE.
i laughed aloud when i read this post.

-Bradley thomas
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