Monday, July 23, 2007


How freaked out are you about taking the bar exam?

Outragous Baylor People (who are taking the bar exam tomorrow): How freaked out are you?

The answer, from what I can see, is "pretty darn freaked out." I saw an audio-animotronic Martha May wandering the hall on the first floor muttering to herself maniacally this morning, and she didn't respond to me until I knocked some notes out of her hand. She then told me she "studies better while walking" and then continued her strange and disturbing journey. Meanwhile, Ginger Hunter was standing in the hallway of the 3d floor for no apparent reason, unless she was waiting to appear in an ad for some kind of anxiety-curing social services agency (as the "before-treatment" photo). Odd, because Ginger is a lock. That's just true.

You guys are going to do great, really. The trick is just to remember to FOCUS when you get in there-- that matters 500% more than what you do tonight.

So just go to bed, already.

A good Episcopal prayer for the bar takers:

O God of peace, who hast taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, in quietness and in confidence shall be our strength: By the might of thy Spirit lift us, we pray thee, to thy presence, where we may be still and know that thou art God.
I know nothing about the Texas Bar Exam, yet I would guess that the Multistate (you do have to take the Multistate in Texas, right?) hasn't changed much.

So my advice is: Don't get caught up in trying to over think the questions.

There really are only so many ways they can ask you about Torts, Property, Con Law, Federal Procedure and Contracts, right?

My guess is the TX bar is the same way -- unlike law school exams, the Bar Examiners are not looking for critical thinking or trial skills -- they want to see you spot the issue and give a short burst of knowledge.

So give it to them. They're not trying to outsmart you. They really do WANT you to pass. And from what I know about BLS, it appears you will.
Was there not a recent survey or poll or something that said that almost everyone at BLS passes on the first attempt?

You are probably all a
lot more prepared than you think they are.

3. Regarding torts: When a public utility blows up your client's house study hard, because you are in for a real freaking nightmare.
My bar prayer, which I got from a long-time estate atty, was "Lord, please let them ask the questions I can answer." Also, St. Jude is a rock.

Good luck, y'all!
Best of Luck, seriously, all you nutty lawyers to be.
Hey I really did all of this stuff today:

I figure I can post this again since none of them are reading the Razor right now anyway.......

What I do all day Version two By Tydwbleach

4:30 AM Wake to the sounds of whale mating calls Swim up from sleep and drink 1 quart of Listerene. Sketch for an hour. Today I worked on the resortwear collection from my new fall line. Fashion week in Milan is in August and I am NOT ready. Today I did a new pants suit made of burlap, and paired it with a motorcycle jacket and a chainmail vest. Fabulous. Burlap is the new Linen. Top THAT, Michael Kors.

5:30 AM Two hours of Pilates & yoga followed by ginger ale bath.

8:00 AM Breaksfast: Psyllium bars, 1 glass Pinot Gris and raw mushrooms. Yes I am doing that cleansing thing again.

8:30 AM Needlepoint and call around about where to go for lunch.

10:00 AM Meet with agent about the book/movie deal. They are turning my book, “The Adolescence of Rhesus Monkeys” into a film starring Anne Heche. It’s a fictional autobiography all about my childhood in Nova Scotia. Madonna is interested in directing.

11:00 AM Psychotherapy Talked about my Tote Bag fetish. Again.

12:00 noon: Lunch with my publicist, Rachel Anne, at “The Mung Bean.” We discuss marketing my new perfume “Feral Cat” on QVC.

2:00 PM Psychotherapy. Discussed my dream about when I grew a tail and how none of my clothes fit me anymore. Then I cried.

3:00 PM Fight with my assistant Troy… He forgot to TIVO Days of Our Lives for me. Again.

3:30 PM Clog Dancing workout with Jorge.

4:00 PM Meeting at the Lab with David. He is really making progress on the skin care line, which is completely organic, edible and made only of genetically engineered spinach. Today we tested an exfoliating scrub on a family of raccoons. Their pores were cleansed, but their noses turned green. Back to the drawing board.

5:00 PM Dinner: herb infused tofurkey burgers, 4 M&Ms and half a bottle of Chivas.

6:00 PM Watch “King of Queens” reruns on mute, listen to John Denver and play poker online.

7:00 PM sign up mean and nasty neighbor lady for a year of MEAT PROCESSING magazine. Make prank phone calls. Drunk dial Walgreen’s repeatedly and ask if they sell live rabbits.

8:00 PM Craft time: Make jewelry and decorative nightlights out of sea shells.

9:00 PM pre sleep facial, Kiss the ferrets goodnight and go to bed.
Today is my 40th birthday and, as Forrest Gump said, "that's all I have to say about that." Three years ago, for my 37th birthday, I was cramming for the bar exam. Fun. Indeed.

My 40th B day was SOOO memorable I cannot even remember what I did for it..

i know we had just moved into our house, and Spencer was like 6 months old. So probably I did laundry.
First day done! It is what it is.
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