Saturday, July 14, 2007


Hey, that reflective tape is a great idea!

IPLawWife sent along this odd story about some guy in Michigan who went jogging in just shoes and reflective tape.

About the reflective tape-- if he was jogging at night, what's with being nude? Hmmm. I'll have to ask Swanburg.

Well I think this is a fine idea. I am going to do this today.
49-year old man, who has been running naked since he was a teenager, does so at 4 A.M. to conceal the act from his wife? He's lying. I'm not married but I know that at some point the wife would ask, "So . . . um . . . where are your running clothes?" And he'd say, "um, a dog ate them and this is what was left" while holding up his reflectors.

But that's not to say running naked isn't a terrific idea. The most recent stats I've seen for running in the nude show that sexy women are 20 times more likely than male cops to chase me. I like those numbers
But where does he put the reflective tape? I mean, wouldn't it be kind of distracting if you were driving along at 4 am and saw a piece of reflective tape bouncing along, say, at forehead level? or car-door level? Could be dangerous to drivers!

Or maybe it's just in a boring place, like on his shoes.
I know exactly where I'd put reflective tape, but it might kind of hurt when you pulled it off.
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