Thursday, July 12, 2007


A day in the life of Sleepy Walleye

I think everyone else did a much better job of describing their day than I did, but my favorite was Sleepy Walleye's, which makes a good segue to Haiku Friday tomorrow:

A Day in the Life of Sleepy Walleye

I get up, get out of bed
Drag a comb across my head
(jaunty piano riff here)

Make my way downstairs and drink a cup
Looking up
I'll notice I am late
(pant pant pant pant)

Cycling shoes and hard-shell hat
I hit the trail in seconds flat
Twenty miles down the pike
I pedal my bike
Then I fall into a dream


I'm having song non-recognition, please, someone help me out. I think it's a Beatles song, but I'm having a blonde moment, and I can't figure it out!! UGH!! It's probably very obvious...dang it! I knew I'd need those brain cells at some point! Stupid Stupid Stupid!
Hey, it's Friday where I am. It's Haiku Viernes and the site for posting is not ready yet. Pooh!

Haiku Viernes,
Donde vivo yo ya es
hora de poetas.
Beatles, The - A Day In The Life
Anon 6:07, thanks. That was bugging me.
is that a picture of a salt mine?


this may be my only haiku this week:

I hate my tonsils.
painful, evil, enlarged orbs.
please remove them now.

I have had this same
sore throat since March 31st.
It comes. It goes. UGH.

Our Lawyer Joel is
the sweetest, nicest guy, so
Thank You Iplawguy

Spencer is a pain.
Too many syllables in

Looking forward to
bulldozers and wrecking ball.
Will be cathartic.

Want to say "BUH BYE"
to house,torched mess, tortfeasors.
Need Vacation, Please.
Torts prof taught theory
not the intentional torts
What is a tortfeasor?

Thank you Barbri
For actually teaching us
The law as tested
Ask your colleague in Portland, Joel. It is what he calls the phone company.
I, also, call the phone company "The Torfeasors."
I deal with tortfeasors regularly. But No professor ever defined it for me. It was one of those things I had to learn on my own.
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