Thursday, July 26, 2007


Bar Exam, Day Two

The reports from the bar takers on day two were very upbeat; people said it was "fun," "well-paced," and "the perfect summer diversion!" The following topics were covered:

Torts (part 2)
Civil Procedure
Celebrity Justice
Oil & Gas
Manga drawing
Poise & posture (bathing suit)
Line dancing
Secured transactions

Some of these topics, I'm pretty sure, are only on the Texas exam, and go uncovered in other states. Good luck on day three, bar takers!

When do they test shootin', ropin', bronc bustin' and calf wrasslin'?
Hey what the...?? WHAT KIND OF TEST LASTS THREE DAYS??????????

That is not a test. That is a triathalon. Of course I never did actually go to Graduate School, or else I would know about such grueling atrocities.

SO let me get this straight... You work REALLLLLY hard in college to get into Law School. Then, you pay thru the nose to be in law school plus you have to work realllllly hard while there too, and put up with Osler for three years. Then at the end you have to do a THREE DAY TEST. IF you pass that test, you get to get paid big bucks to fight with people?

I am not sure I would want to do that but I am glad there are people who do. AND there must be a lot of satisfaction in sticking up for other people. I think that is the part I would like. Unless you are sticking up for jerks.
I glad there are attorneys that are willing to go thru all of this.
Otherwise I would have to fight the tortfeasors on my own, and that would NOT work out so well.
In Virginia, those taking the Bar Exam must wear "courtroom attire." I got lots of pencil marks on my suit those days.
Sorry to veer off topic Prof. Osler -- Baylor attorney here. Another '05 graduate and I hung a shingle right outa law school. Now we face more work that we can handle, at least over the next few weeks. Any bartakers want to assist us temporarily while awaiting your license? Would need you to start immediately. If interested, email at We office in Dallas, but will consider hiring someone to work remotely if no Dallasites apply. Pay is at the clerkship level – $700/wk. Thanks.
$700/week? Wow! That's at least as good as a job at the Olive Garden!
I am also looking to hire someone... a Nanny (or a Manny = Male Nanny)to watch my three year old crazy toddler and his new partner in crime, his big, slobbery, escape artist & complete pain in the ass of a dog, Boogie.

I need someone part time, just while I empty the remainder of my Sploded House or until there is a vacancy for you at the asylum. Duties include being slimed slobbered on, licked continuously being asked 400 questions an hour and retrieving beloved Spongebob Soccer ball out of the toilet where dog dropped it.
Must tolerate excessive noise levels, clutter, and tantrums when dog chews up Tigger toothbrush and plastic Buzz Lightyear and Eeyore dolls. Must not mind the fact that you will never ever again have truly clean clothes or go to the restroom alone.
Pay: Teeny bit less than $700 a week. To start immediately.
Hey, what the h*&* is "occlumency?" Are you going to make me look that one up?!
Come to think of it, I don't know what "Manga drawing" is, either. I must be living too Swiss a life. Not enough exposure to the big Oslerian world out there.
Good point 11:48, however a job at the Olive Garden, while rewarding, will not help a new lawyer--particularly one with a low class rank--wedge him- or herself into the practice of law. At present, the Texas legal market is tough for lawyers with no experience. That's my observation, anyway.
Okay, I looked up "occlumency." Obviously I need to brush up on my "Harry Potter" vocabulary. Sounds like occlumency could be a useful skill for lawyers, too . . .
Isn't occlemency when you grant probation to an octopus?

I never did like Crim Pro
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