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Any comic strip with Bates in it has to be great...

Sure, you count on the Razor for breaking news, sports updates, celebrity tidbits, and a daily horoscope, but until now we have been lacking in comics and blatant copyright infringement. Thanks to iHarryPotter for sending me some stuff to fix that deficiency! I think it is supposed to be me talking to Tydwbleach.

That looks JUST LIKE ME!!!!! hahaha

Well Bill and Spencer are still in CA today so I will go to work, until like 1:00 PM. Then I will get the mail at "My Sploded House" as Spencer calls it - the mailboxes on our street are separate from the houses so the mailbox is fine.

Hopefully my new COOKING LIGHT magazine is in there and I can once again torture my family with new and hideous recipes upon their return.

Then of course right before Bill left town he bought about 300 bananas which have all now gone south. so: I am going to make even more banana bread BUT I lost my loaf pan in the 'SPLOSION and I bought a new one but I have so many bananas I think I will buy two more and make three at once and then freeze them or something.

Also Spencer does not like it with nuts, which he calls shells...

He has funny ways of saying things:

"I can't like this, Mommy. It has shells. I can't like the shells."

SO I will make one without any shells.

THen I will continue to clean more of the house and do laundry, as I also continue to attempt to fix the downstairs toilet which I am having no success at yet. OH and that Martha Stewart million p[age book about "homekeeping" has NOTHING about toilets.... I havve get it fixed too, because it is the dog's water bowl.

Then I will hopefully get a chance to eat some cherries and read one of my three new books: "The Pilot's Wife, "A Mighty Heart" (about Daniel Pearl) and the Roz Chast anthology a HUGE book of her cartoons I am borrowing from the library, I LOVE ROZ CHAST she is hilarious.

I mostly read nonfiction, because in my life I guess I feel like I do not have time for fiction It s like if I am going to read the book at least it should be TRUE. I read to escape but also to learn about stuff. so I HARDLY EVER read ANY FICTION but lately my friends are all reading a ton of books and if they tell me a good one I will read it. the last fiction I read was terrible BEACH ROAD by James PAtterson. SUCH a stupid ending.. UGH I just got MAD at the end I was like I waited 400 pages for THIS???????

SO then I bought Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides but I lent it to my friend Melinda because she wanted to read it and I was still reading two Princess Diana books. so I will read that fiction one soon, and then I have THe MIghty Heart which might be a good movie but I want to read the book first and then I have the Pilot's wofe which was on sale for half off at Costco yesterday and it looked interesting... It was in the OPRAH book club, which I have not read many of those but I did read The Corrections which was good.

I think the last fiction I read before any of those was like Judy Blume or one of the Little House books.,.. I love biographies and stuff and other non fiction I just its hard for me to read fiction. Maybe because I had to read SO MUCH of it at Cranbrook and in college for all of those classes...

I ran out of good book to read as a kid and one day I remember thinking I HAVE READ EVERYTHING HERE you know in the kids section... and then since my mom always got the Sunday NY TImes I would start reading the Book Review and then if I found a good book in there I would get it and read it. This explains why I read Lillian Hellman and Truman Capote at age 14, even though most of it was lost on me.

zzzzzzzzzzzz so today work, loaf pan, laundry, banana bread, cherries, Roz Chast, Watch Kathy Griffin D LIST (she is horrible but terribly funny to me. Bill cannot STAND her) and watch this other thing I fake Tivod on PBS

for dinner: Leftover chinese soup... or something.. who cares?!?!?!!? I don't even have to make dinner if I do not want to !!!! No one is here!!!!
At the top of the Razor is a link to "next blog". I've been killing time between cases so I clicked it and wound up on
Being the Sleepy Walley I decided to check out Sad Moose and found it pretty interesting. Nice Photos.
Two shoes do not a hat make

-Roz Chast
A Roz Chast blog would be amusing. Lots of worrying about what her mother or her kids or her neighbors might think
Ok Walleye, all I get when I hit next blog is some creepy Japanese cartoon-y "art". That'll be fun to explain to the CL when he gets home! JJ :)
The "next blog" link sends you to a random blogspot page. To see sadmoose you have to get there by typing
Hey today I went to work and three of the kids talked to me for like 45 minutes about bears and cars and gum.

The two girls are very chatty (Maddie & Erin) and they never tire of telling me all about their Build a Bear workshop bears and what they are all named. THe little guy, Nate, he sort of echoes what they say and is usually naked. He is two. Today he kept asking me for some gum, but his mom does not let him have gum. Then in walked Jonah the big black Persian cat. ( Max the kitten walked in a little later, wearing an evening gown originally meant for a bear)

Jonah meowed and I looked over and then did a double take because from the neck back he was completely BALD. I guess they shave him in the summer. I took a picture with my phone and I will send it to Osler. Maybe he will post the pic of the bald Cat. Maybe it will make him feel better about his own new hair.

WOW does that cat look stupid now... Poor guy. Not a bad work day spending it with three nutty kids, two kittens and one big bald cat.

Beats the nerds any day.

Bill and Spencer are still in CA. they are supposedly coming home tomorrow but I doubt that. he is at the hotel with his grandparents and they are swimming a lot and watching Winnie the Pooh movies.

THis afternoon I came home and made banana bread. It is still cooling I am gonna read one of my books now for a bit, and then maybe have dinner, or MAYBE just have popsicles and banana bread for dinner.
Popsicles and banana bread sound great for dinner. You can teach Martha Stewart a thing or two! (And she probably never had a 'sploded house, either.)

Maybe there's a haiku topic in there . . . best guilty dinner.
HAHAHA ! Yes! Best guilty dinner!!

I not ONLY had popsicles and banana bread for dinner, I fell asleep on the COUCH while reading my book AND watching Larry King at the same time. I just woke up but am still sleepy so I am going to GO TO BED!!!!

I know that Bill will call me and wake me up.... but I can sleep for a bit...
Oooh! I love guilt food. Favorite guilty dinner: bottle of wine, jar of green olives, topped off with a bag of popcorn. You'll need some Lasix to get rid of the fluid you'll retain. Sweet stuff & chocolate I can do without, but salty snacks kill me. I eat the salt off the CL's 'rita, after I finish mine. I put salt on pizza. I like hot sauce on everything, and it makes the salt I add stick better. I'm so ashamed.
I also salt my pizzza!! But my pizza is weird because here is what I like this one THIN THIN Crust one and it has nothing but veggies on it... spinach, artichokes, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, red onion, garlic, mushrooms and a bunch of other stuff.. For some reason I HATE the meat they put on pizza.... I hate ham sausage, pepperoni, all of it...

I like salami okay once in a while... I have always hated ham. Bacon I can do like twice a year...

but I LOVE microwave popcorn. gummy bears, crystal light green tea with lemon, almost ANY fresh fruit, and this one cheese from costco called DUBLINER some kind of Irish cheddar. and Thai soup, and crab legs. and stewed tomatoes.
I've been trying to email you at your baylor address, but its full. Would you please make some room there?
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