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Mystery of the Week: What was in Spencer's Lunch?

In the comment section to the previous post, the Razor's pretty-good friend Tydwbleach said this:

Spencer's babysitter called me at work today and just pretty much screamed into the phone and told us to pick him up and he should not come back and it was nothing to do with him it was all MY fault. I was stunned and I asked her why and she told me for 25 minutes and I got off the phone and I still do not really get why. She loves Spencer... he loves going there.. it was something about lunch, and do we value her profession, and about 30 other things that made no sense. It was bizarre.

Obviously, the sitter was set off by what she found in Spencer's lunch. Today's contest is to guess... what was in Spencer's lunch?

Is that a picture of Serr? If that is.... dude, that's awesome.
Just a donut.
Spencer must have used pages of her diary for the lunchmeat in his sandwich
The real question is, what was in the Sitter's lunch?

My guess is bourbon, twinkies and Thorazine.

One of her "talking points" during her psychotic call was that I accused her of like starving my child and not serving him lunch, because this AM I asked her if he ate his whole lunch yesterday, because I know he picks at his food and does not eat and if we let him would only eat fruit, cheese and popsicles.

It was like this speeding train racing toward this crazy place that had NO end.. or something... just I did not even know what to make of it.. It was INSANE, and weird and disturbing all at the same time...

THE most BIZARRE part was that I had written a letter to the newspaper thanking everyone for what they did for us when our house exploded. She was the second person of about 20 people I mentioned, and I referred to her as our neighbor and sitter, one of two people who were invaluable to us that terrible day....

ONE of the things she was mad about was that I referred to her as neighbor and sitter but not as A FRIEND. She was ACTUALLY mad about this... I mean here is the text of the letter that was published last week: I will remove the last names etc:

Words of gratitude cannot express how grateful we are to live in a community like Canby, Oregon.

On Thursday, April 19th, our house on South Sycamore St. exploded. Four firefighters were injured but we are told they are all okay, thank goodness. We were not in the house at the time, but we did watch the explosion from down the street after being evacuated. No one in our family was physically harmed, but we were devastated, as we lost our home, a great deal of our belongings and both of our vehicles.

When this happened, people in our neighborhood, and many, many others reached out to us with offers of shelter, clothing for all of us, food, and toys for our three year old son. People drove us places, (AND THE SITTER -->>>)picked up our son from preschool and then kept him safe from the chaos all day, shielded us from the media when we needed it, served us dinner, took in our enormous dog, saved one of our appliances, stored some of the belongings we were able to salvage in their garages, helped us look for, lift and carry all kinds of things, and just generally offered us nothing but support, warmth and comfort.

Some of those who helped we had not even met, and thus, I do not know all of your names. However, we can tell you that we have never been more proud of this community or happier to live here.

The investigation is not complete as of this writing, but we have no intention of leaving Canby, and we plan to rebuild our home and get back to living there just as soon as humanly possible. We love our neighborhood and now, more than ever, we treasure our friends, our neighbors and this city.

There were many, many heroes that terrible day, and we wish to publicly thank just a few of them here:

There were many professionals who worked very hard on that long day, including the two wonderful ladies from the Red Cross. Our friends Mike and Rita H and our neighbor and sitter Andrea C were invaluable that day.

Our neighbors Steve and Sandy C, John and Melinda M, Dave and Tammy V, Rebecca and Joel H, Andy and Jennifer L (whose house was also affected) Mike and Anne S and their family, Shelly and her family, Matt and Holly M, Siri and Steve A, Mary N, Kathie & Emily, Teacher Gina , Teacher Jenny and all of the parents and staff at Building Blocks preschool in Charbonneau, Saul K & family, Tammy from Toney Baloney’s in Wilsonville, Sheryl K, and the staff of Legacy Meridian Park Hospital.

We cannot express just how grateful we are to the entire community of Canby and beyond, for reaching out to us at this difficult time. We will never forget the kindness and help you offered us and we cannot begin to repay your sincere generosity and genuine kindness. Everyone in this community should be very, very proud to live in such an incredible place.

Liz Bill & Spencer C.

SOOOOOO weird. But tomorrow we are signing up Spencer for 3 days a week at the Y. He will be with tons of kids of all ages and will probably have a lot more fun.

Oh and I heard Donut cut a rap CD in Prison and he is covered in tattoos.
Word. peace out.
A bag of conolies.
The severed head of My Pretty Pony?
I'm sure this was not the case with Spencer, but I worked at a day camp one summer where one child in particular (who already had ADHD) would show up to lunch with a pixie stix sandwich. His father would pack him a couple of slices of bread and some pixie stix which the kid would then combine at lunch with one big sugar-dumping flourish.

Later, when he was tossing hot dogs and other day camp staples at the ceiling and they were actually sticking we all felt like making a raving call to his parents.
Just a big thermos full of Caro syrup.
Whatever he traded his tasty lunch to other kids for. Legos, a Hot Wheels, maybe some snap and pops?
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