Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Now Announcing the 2006 Razor Person of the Year: Meatloaf!

After considering all the well-thought-out nominations, I have chosen the singer "Meatloaf" as the Osler's Razor 2006 Person of the Year. Here is the touching tribute offered by "Anonymous 8:08" in nominating Mr. Loaf:

"It should definitely be the singer Meatloaf. His classic rock hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart" really got me through some tough times this year."

When a singer has the strength, the reach, to touch the lives of people in need, that is something we here at the Razor deeply respect. Our second place winner, Jimmy, also is extremely hard-working, insightful, and caring, but through no fault of his own he has not been able to reach the millions of needy souls that Meatloaf has. Through his hit songs "(Turn Around) Bright Eyes," "Pink Houses," "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and the inimitable "Purple Rain," Mr. Loaf has turned on the love light of a nation. Plus, Mr. Loaf is a celebrity, and that is what really counts in America these days. Huzzahs!

The painting above, by my dad, I believe depicts Mr. Loaf in a moment of contemplation. I think it really captures the essence of his persona and verve, an essence which this year has carried him to the top.


You have been on the road too long! You have forgotten to mention even HALF of the great hits of Mr. Loaf! What about "Feelings?" "Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue?" "Rocket Man?" "Forever in Blue Jeans?" (I will have you know this was OUR SONG at my wedding..) What about "Always a Woman to me?" and "Sometimes When We Touch?" "Don't Give Up on Us, Baby" and his Oscar winning hit the theme to the movie "Endless Love" ... that beautiful duet he did with Liza Minelli


Oh and that painting? I talked to your Dad. He said that is NOT Meatloaf. That is Morley Safer.

I have an interview tomorrow with a company I would LOVE to work for in a job I would love with some very UNLOSERY people. Wish me luck.
Go get 'em Tyd! With Bleach!
Interview went pretty well I will hear Friday. The pay is better but this guy could be a complete tool too.

WE shall see I am trying to be picky so I can find a good fit for me. But ANYTHING is better than the Risk management Covey Loving tool.
Did meatloaf direct the allies during WWII?
ummmmmm puh-leeeeease... who are you people? "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" hasn't even gotten an honorable mention?? Shame, shame.

That was totally the jam on Valentine's Day in 5th grade... not that we had any clue what it meant but it sure sounded sweet rocking from the ol' boombox.
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