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And I thought MY Mom was well-known for her meatloaf...

In case you missed it in the comments section, Swanburg's Mom had this to say about her time with the Razor 2006 Person of the Year, Meatloaf:

"I had a date or 2 with Meatloaf in the early 70's. The dates were very simple - a limo picked me up from Long Island and took me to a recording studio in Manhattan. We talked, he worked, I listened, we went out with a group of people for food and drinks. The limo took me back to Long Island. Swanburg's version is much more exciting. Sex, drugs and Rock n' Roll. Our dates missed one or more of the important components."

I can only remember being in a limo once, and oddly enough, it picked me up on Long Island, too (at LaGuardia Airport). Only instead of rendezvousing with some famous singer, I gave a talk about federal sentencing at Yale. Where did I go wrong?

I actually have a friend, Diane, who was from Atlanta in the like 70s and SHE had a friend that slept with Meatloaf. She said he was really nice.

Okee Dokee apparently Mr.Loaf was a popular fellow...
You went wrong when you didnt become a good looking woman. C'mon now.
(this is a revised version of an earlier comment that does not appear to have "stuck")

This post raises so many questions!

As I recall, "Bat Out of Hell," Meat Loaf's Rock Opera, didn't come out until 1977 or 78. I guess his part in "Rocky Horror Picture Show" gave him a little notoriety, but where did he get the bucks to pay for a limo to pick up women in Long Island?

And how did he meet Swanburg's mother? Did he send limos out to the suburbs looking for single women?

Maybe I should have tried this strategy when I was single myself! Seems kind of expensive, however.

Most importantly, did she call him "Meat"?
I was involved in the music industry in the early 70’s. I worked on the 1st few (Don Kirshner's) “In Concert” series filmed at Hofstra University. I also worked at “My Father’s Place” in Roslyn, NY – a Rock N Roll Club. I met many famous musicians. I don’t remember what I called Meat Loaf -- I’m sure he could afford a Limo he was on stage in "Hair" and had a recording contract.

Limo's seem to work for single men - ask my son.

Swanburg’s Mom
Meatloaf was in "Hair?!?!" Wow. Things I didn't know...
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