Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Intriguingly, today held many and connected mysteries here at Baylor, The Law School. First, Superbear out front had a sign that either promoted Christ (good) or Chris Fahrbenbafger's candidacy. Then, an email went out to the law school community from the administration:

"I just wanted to let everyone know that at Noon today the alarm system will be going off and the doors will lock."

[Actual quote. Really.]

Now, when I think about the experience of being trapped in a locked building with the alarms going off... that can't be good. The message also implied that the buidling would be on fire at the time, adding to the level of excitement, no doubt.

In the sort of panicked crush that would ensue when 500 people are locked into a burning building, you might imagine that those people would do almost anything to get out. Even... vote for a student as commencement speaker.

Coincidence? I think not! Does this candidate know no ethical bounds? Given that he went through PC before I taught ethics, and previously has worked with colleagues to develop a "Germ Enlarger," I think the answer must be "no." Clearly, he is willing to destroy the school and everyone in it to satisfy his cruel lust for power. Is it worth the sacrifice of life, history, and capital just to allow him his moment at a microphone? Anyone with a soul must reject such a satanic exchange, for the very light of truth will be extinguished should we allow such evil to dwell among us, dancing amongst the flames of his own device.

Still, it would be a darn entertaining speech!

Another point to consider: After being locked in that building with that particular grating, inescapable alarm for five full minutes, I am temporarily unable to find the idea of a mere amplified human voice offensive (not that I found Chris' voice offensive in the first place, but still...)
Hilarious! I love the photo.
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