Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Bosler Rules! (Most of the Time)

So the foosball challenge was a great success-- we pulled in about $160 plus Prof. Serr, all of which will be donated to Mission Waco. At least we are hoping they will accept Serr. I'm sure there is some stuff he can do, like get down things that are stored high up on a shelf. The Bates/Osler team was kind of dominant, finishing 25-4. Our losses all came towards the start of the evening, and included being shut out once. Ouch. Then we lost to Darren Indermill and Dustin Sullivan. Ouch ouch. But then we improved, or at least Bates did, and that was all that mattered.

Intriguingly, there were a ton of bloggers there, including (all with links to the left):

The Baylor Circus Lady
The Spanish Medievalist
The Bravest Bear
The Ladybird

The talk to the Christian Legal Society went pretty well, too. There were about 40-45 people there, and no one threw fruit or anything. Of course, that would be really inappropriate when someone is discussing their faith.

Tomorrow, I will get my grades in, teach class, then head for Michigan.

The tie-dye shirt was really distracting while standing directly across the foosball table from you. Nice tactic.
*cough* - I was there too. But I'll forgive because I'm pretty sure you have no idea who I am. I'll be at voir dire tomorrow, though, and you can talk about all of the bloggers rockin it PC style.
Hey are you going to Michigan????!!!?!?!
I am JEALOUS!!! Have a safe wonderful trip home!
Say Hi to our beloved home town for me. AND Hi to your brother - I doubt he remembers me. Be safe and have a great holiday. I will be here in Oregon, in the fog, having a pretty great Christmas even though I am not in MI How can you not have a great Christmas with a 2.5 year old in your house? Tonight we had to go hunt down so THOMAS THE TRAIN stuff at Target. Spencer was REALLLLLY acting up and I kept saying to Bill, "Daddy, I hope we do not have to call Santa tonight and tell him that Spencer is being naughty...."

I am DRUNK with power... Not really.

ANyway I hope all of you crazy Osler fans have a Grrrrreat and blessed and safe holiday!

will there still be haiku friday? I want to immortalize Tony and me for our shutout victory.
Yes, facing Bosler in foosball was a humbling experience. I did score one goal, so I wasn't shut out. The offense of Bosler, that would be Bates, as the most wicked goal shot I have ever seen, and he handles his forwards as if he were doing open heart surgery. All you hear is the "clunk" when the ball goes in, but I still can't figure out how he does it because you really can't see his hands move. Weird. Congrats on the fundraising--Serr can also dust the top of the fridge.
Tyd-- Will do.

Revo-- Oh, yes, of course there will be Haiku Friday!
The tournament was a great success and must become a regular event.

I'm sure Bates wants a shot at revenge.
You played 29 games of foosball? How long did it take?

Did anyone play the role of Prof. Bates Old Lady?
I wish I could have been there!! I was going to try to come, but for some reason my bosses want me to bill hours! Ridiculous! Have a safe trip and Happy Holidays!!
You guys should do that like once a month. It would be a great way to raise money for a charity.
By the Way, Osler.. Nice shirt!!!
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