Friday, November 10, 2006


Haiku Friday! Get in the pool!

It is haiku Friday! No topic this week, since so much has happened (including the election to Congress of the lead singer of the band Orleans). Pick your own. BUT-- there is a fabulous prize: A framed photo of two Baylor Law Profs wearing silly clothes.

Here is my own entry:

Some pan-fried chickens
And a side dish of squirrel
Osler reunion!

Obviously, I still have food on my mind.

Place your own entry lovingly in the comments section. The recipe, as always, is 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables.

My office window
My glimpse to the outside world
Caged-in animial
Sorry! Misspelled "animal!" I swear I wasn't trying to squeeze syllabus out of it! =)
The Cult
Gig the grass walker!
Class dismissed due to dog bark.
We don’t cheer we yell.
Evidence Exam
Dreamt a lobster ate my test
Eat faster, Gordon!
Things change and change back;
Twelve years one, twelve the other;
Sounds like Yeats, not Bush.
Things change, then change back;
Twelve years one, then the other;
Sounds like Yeats, not Bush.
Consider the Lobster
Not David Foster Wallace
Have melted butter?
Five hugging nude men
Im glad Im from eighty eight
softcore rock or not
Orleans lead singer
bears striking resemblance to
Mr. Indermill

(first sentence only works if you're a Yankee who pronounces Orleans with two syllables)
That album cover is oh so disturbing.
An Album Cover?
Celebrity Jepordy:
Anal Bum Cover
Hai.ku's rea.lly fun
I know just what I will do!
I'll talk in Hai.kus!

You've thought that you heard
It all, but my blog,

It's all a.bout tech Wii, but Fox.Trot will
sneak my blog!

What are you
The point of Hai.ku
Is to talk like this?

Well, I must go now,
But now a word from Ja.pan,!
Conference Hotel
Too much air condititioning
Miss my wife and child

It may seem odd now
Seventies rock was so bad
Orleans was bright spot
dog snores on sofa
tip for new dog owners: they
shed more after bath
That picture is gross
Gross gross gross gross gross gross gross
Oslers small secret
Brittany kicks K-Fed,
To the proverbial curb;
Poor, poor PopoZão.
home in north Texas
where the air is death and dry
like the politics

Look within yourself.
For there lie all the answers:
Honor, Justice, Truth.
Home doing reading
'Nother exciting weekend
Social butterfly
Turkey Day at my
boyfriend's family's abode
There better be wine.
In just under the wire:

Books, books, and more books,
Support your public lib'ary,
So come to booksale.

We're at fair grounds,
Off Bosque and New Road see,
Bag day is Sunday.

Hardcovers and soft,
Mass market paperbacks too,
Plastic accepted.

Non-profits do rock,
Almost as much as Orleans,
'Cept we stay dressed.

All the great authors,
Lots of stinkerinos too,
Come look at our books.

(In case you are interested: )
Love to turk Woo.kies,
Put them in a gi.ant cake,
That's real fun to bake.

See all you can see
If you vi.sit & click to
Is that real Japanese, Micah? Hmmmm...
All the Orleans songs
Mostly have three syllables
No fun for Haiku
scariest album cover ever! is that real?
Martha-- Indeed it is. Did you think maybe me and Bates and a couple other guys faked it? [Ew... I think I just threw up a little in my mouth]
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