Monday, October 09, 2006


Underwood Family Circus

Inspired by the Nietszche Family Circus link below, I have paired some quotes from Prof. Jim Underwood (stolen from his Facebook fan site-- you must be good to get your own fan site in your first quarter teaching!) with some Family Circus strips. I don't know how to "randomize" (though sometimes my PC critiques may indicate otherwise), so I had to just match them up.

I’m gonna move to Hawaii and become an
Asian-American female!

“When you get out of law school, watch Rachel

“I’ll vomit on you at the end of the quarter; you sift through my garbage.”

“Hopefully if you hate me, it will be over something more substantive than that.”

You will now officially be known as the Blogfather.
"But what is most painful for us all is – the protracted disgrace in which the Baylor football team, estranged from beer, sex, and fast cars, lives in the service of spiteful dwarves. You understand my words…" - Bears of Tragedy

If only I could consecrate my virginity to Christ, but I lost my precious consecration long ago. Sigh.
You're an inspiration to us all.

How did you know I was looking for something creative to do with all of the quotes I collect over the course of the day?
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