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This Was Inevitable...

Henry Wright sent me to a site that randomly pairs Nietzsche quotes with Family Circus cartoons. It is strangely mesmerizing.

As a child, I had bad dreams caused by the evil Bill Keane and his "Family Circus." In one, I had to run along those dotted lines all through some neighborhood. Grrrr... Damn you to hell, Bill Keane!

Anyways, here is the link. If you find a particularly good pairing, please describe it in the comments section.

They're all good, but here are some I especially like: "just a little, please", "do drugs, kids!", and "fatherly advice".
Rap Master--

Excellent work. I find Billy truly terrifying.
Ah, but the really funny thing is that Zippy and the Family Circus folks are good buddies. Really:

From the "JAVA" column by Pat Seremet ,The Hartford Courant, 7/11/02:

In Thursday's comics, weird-looking Zippy from the "Zippy" cartoon shows up in "The Family Circus" cartoon with adorable Dolly and Jeffy. Does this mean the demise of the family as we know it, not to mention the circus?

Java reached "Zippy" cartoonist Bill Griffith at his East Haddam home, and he said that although Bil Keane's "Family Circus" would seem at odds with his, both cartoonists admire each other.
"His is the only remaining folk art strip," Griffith said. "If you look at it one way, it's a heartwarming moment. At a slightly different angle, it's off the wall. It's supposed to be the epitome of squareness, but it turns the corner into a hip zone."

The Courant runs "Family Circus" next to "Zippy," and Griffith said that he reads "Family Circus" as if it were the first panel to "Zippy." "It adds to the surrealism," he said.
Once, the Ziggy comic strip insulted Zippy in a cartoon, and Griffith had to retaliate in kind. But Keane's cartoon was done all in good fun.
Keane's use of Zippy's head on a totem pole - to which Dolly responds: "Look at the tadpoles!" - will inspire "another tit for tat," Griffith said. But it will be the gentle kind.
It was particularly amusing to people who know Keane's surprisingly salty way of talking, peppered with profanities, that his cartoon with the Zippy head be right next to Zippy himself swearing up a storm.

"We're at opposite ends of the spectrum," said Bil Keane, reached in Arizona,"and it's unusual to have a crossover of two comics." But Keane has featured Jeffy dreaming of Zippy, and Griffith has had Zippy visiting the magical world of Family Circus.
As for the totem poles, he thought it would be fun to see Zippy the Pinhead coming out of one pole, and Silly Philly, a character from Keane's days at the Philadelphia Bulletin, coming out of the other.
People used to post reviews of "family circus" that were hysterical- unfortunately, doesn't have a sense of humor, and they took them down (or bil keane had the posters killed)

Anyway, some have been collected on the web, but some still manage to show up on
"Bil Keane is an insensitive megalomaniac. The children in "A family circus" are obviouly autistic or suffer some other sort of terrible mental affliction. And yet this "man" mocks their shortcomings. There is a special place in hell for Bil Keane."
"The death of Bill Keane earlier this year robbed the world not only of Billy, Dolly, Snoopy and the whole Family Circle gang, but also of one of the kindest, gentlest Marxist theorists of our time.
Every brilliant morsel of a cartoon was steeped in vivid wit as well as subtle social satire...never had Bill Keane's genius been more apparent than in "Daddy's Cap is on Backwards."
Never before has one hand with a pen stuck in it made such poignant yet veiled statements on timely subjects such as courtly love, genetic tampering, death on the playground, AIDS, truancy and more..."
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Kids say the darnedest things...
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