Friday, September 08, 2006


My Lunch With The 'Nuge

Today, after my exciting Common Grounds experience, the dining/music theme followed through again at lunch, as I found myself sitting at the table next to fabled rocker Ted Nugent. Apparently, he often goes to that Thai place no one knows the name of (They should put up a sign labeling it "The Thai Place" or maybe "Siam Serr"), a trait he has in common with the law faculty.

I go way back with The 'Nuge, though we have never met (and didn't today-- I couldn't see him and didn't realize he was behind me until his monster truck rumbled out of the lot). In fact, we are maybe the only two people who have made the unusual life choice of living in Detroit until middle age and then inexplicably moving to Waco.

My favorite story of The 'Nuge dates back to our days in Detroit. My family sponsored a refugee from Poland to come to the US after several years in a refuge camp. Jadwiga came knowing almost no English, and not much about our culture. What she did bring to America was an abiding love for the Scottish rock band Nazareth. Fortunately, Nazareth was playing at an East-side dive, Harpo's, shortly after her arrival. My brother agreed to take her to the show, which was a rockin' good time. The highlight, reportedly, was the encore, in which Nazareth played their hit "Hair of the Dog" and were joined by The 'Nuge onstage.

She came back from the show beaming, and saying the first English sentence I heard from her: "The 'Nuge visit Nazareth!'"

Serendipity? Sorry Prof. I believe that is coincidence.

If you two were walking down the street in search of a slurpee and stumbled across the Nazareth concert, then it would be "Serendipitously."

But semantics aside, you have a good blog, I will continue to check it out.

And I responded to the comment you left on my blog (even though true randomness led you to it).

Please be gentle when you rip me a new one.
Not a problem, ruler-- good discussion of an important issue. And I think you are right about serendipi-whatever. Why would I use that long a word in a post about Terrible Ted anyways? Actually, he's smart and would get it, but it was unnecessary.

Also, is that a drink in your hand? Let me tell you one way to learn a lot about trial law...
Is it more impressive to eat near Ted Nugent or to drink in Sammy Hagar's bar?
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