Thursday, September 07, 2006


Intriguing Invitation

Yesterday I received a beautiful engraved invitation to the formal investiture of Brett Kavanaugh as a Judge of the DC Circuit. Some of you might be surprised that I am invited to the investiture of one of the Bush Administration's more controversial picks for the bench, given that I spent part of my summer arguing for the ACLU in various (other) federal circuit courts. But, as they say on Facebook, "it's complicated."

Brett's nomination was held up for years by Democrats in the Senate, and even when other controversial nominees such as Priscilla Owen were confirmed he was left to languish. It was a real loss-- Brett is smart, fair, and will make a great judge. Last Spring, several us who have known him since law school wrote a letter supporting his confirmation to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and signing it made me kind of sad; sad that political division in this country has become so acrid and hostile. My friends over at the Bosque Boys have discussed this quite perceptively.

I probably won't go to the investiture, though. DC is a dangerous place for me, ever since 1988, when that Roy Rogers manager chased me down K Street yelling something about stolen chicken.

I can see why you might want to avoid D.C.. It is a big city and very far away from the shire. You might even miss elevenses.
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"Come on in boys, the water's fine."

Welcome to the blogosphere, Razor. The Bosque Boys look forward to making this a regular stop for info, a few laughs and recipes
Gun... Men's room. The chicken thing sounds like poetic license.

Or maybe the gun in the men's room was too.
The gun in the men's room was a different disastrous trip to DC IPLawPerson
You need to get over those youthful indiscretions. Obsessing about guns and chicken or in my case, being pursued by the police whilst driving a wreck of a car full of half open liquor bottles, can ruin your life.

I was not in your car at that time. Further, affiant sayeth not.
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