Monday, May 16, 2022


Court poems

 I'll be honest: I didn't think anyone would submit a poem about the Supreme Court! But I was very wrong, and there was some great work.

I loved my Dad's:
 Ginnisaurus Rex
would have originalist
brain in a big head

This mascot would float
above us all tied only
to those in power

And Jill's:
Judgment rendered by
those who don’t have to live with
the consequences.

Not to mention Christine:
Sammy spews disdain
Dimsdale hounds his Hester Prynes
Now we all wear red.

And Amy Garrou:
Priest as a mascot,
Sterner than Demon Deacon.
No more church and state.

And the Medievalist!:

The blind squirrel
Will often find a stray nut,
Let's call him Rocky.

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