Monday, October 25, 2021


Poems of a lovely walk


Oh! You all did great work last week. This image from my dad is one that will stay in my mind:
The walk to get the
morning baguette in Provence
very rewarding.
And IPLawGuy talked about the dog....
Raining? Walk the dog
Snow? Heat? Still must walk the dog
And pick up his poop.
And the Dog responded!
Yeah, IPLawGuy
You think it fun to be dog?
I want my own house.
Desiree has a very minor marital issue:
Husband has the map
and no sense of direction.
5 mile walk, now 8.
While Christine sees the good:

Walking the driveway
kaleidoscope of color
Crunching underfoot.

Not so much Jill Scoggins:
Or the Medievalist:
Walking in Texas,
Sun is hot and merciless,
No rest for wicked.
But Michimom had some brightness!:
Forty-five minutes
Before sunrise stars fade, sky
Is wild with color. 

Dog, you pretty much run the house at this point.
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