Sunday, April 04, 2021


Sunday Reflection: Pandemic Easter (II)


It's been quite a year since last Easter. For nearly everyone, there has been a low of some kind: an illness, a work setback, a death in the family or within your circle of friends. It's been Good Friday for a while.

But Easter always follows. And perhaps this year it is more important than ever. Things change for the better, in ways we never imagine.

Good Friday and Easter remind us that the highest highs begin with the lowest lows. Our walk to the top of mountaintops begins with looking up from deep in the valley. Despair and joy are linked, tied together across time.

I love what I do, and sometimes I am good at it. But I got into law at the very bottom. I was desperate for a job, having been rejected again and again. All I could find was a job delivering flowers, and I wasn't very good at that.  I answered an ad looking for a "young resourceful person," and it turned out to be from small law firm looking for someone to do some process serving, filing of documents, and other low-level tasks. I soon found what I wanted to do. And what I do now is connected to that low moment, for which I will always be grateful.

Happy Easter-- and I hope that there is a light on the horizon for us all.

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