Saturday, June 09, 2018


Wait... did baseball season start?

I must have missed it! Seriously, other than noticing some bad weather back in March, the baseball season has slipped right past me. And, somehow, that hasn't affected my life much.

Not so with IPLawGuy. He is a season-ticket holder for the Washington New Senators, and is often seen at the games wearing his favorite Walgreen's hat (which I finally gave back to him).

I'm not proud that I have abandoned my home team... is there time to catch up?

Well, I’m a huge Twins fan. I follow them, even from the UK. I have the MLB package and watch every game I can. That being said, you haven’t missed much. They got off to a good start, but really tanked since then.

Nonetheless, bad baseball is kinda my favourite baseball to watch in person. Tickets are easier to get and cheaper on the secondary markets. There are fewer people in the stands, and it is easier to few closer to the game.

So grab a ticket and go to an afternoon game. It’s a nice walk from UST to Target Field. Sit in the sun on the third base side. Eat a hotdog. Sip a beer. Spread out with your arms over the seat backs next to you, close your eyes and soak in the warm sun. Mark a scorecard, but feel free to skip an inning or two. Listen to the sounds of the ballpark as you overlook the field and take in the beautiful Minneapolis skyline in summer. Reflect on the pace of the game that moves at its own pace, and an afternoon well spent.

For me, that’s a three hour pass into heaven. Not bad for a $20 ticket.
It is not too late. Baseball has a very LOOONNG season.
I used to follow pro baseball - now, games and season are waaaay to long - boring!! College ball is better - short seasons, players actually care about the game.

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