Friday, June 02, 2017


Haiku Friday: What says "summer" to you?

[Mr. Met Courtesy of a confusing story at the NY Times]

It's summer. Maybe not by the calendar (that flips to summer on June 20), but to most of us we are there already.

So what marks summer for you? We all have something...

Here, I will go first:

The catcher walks out
The shortstop wanders over
This could take a while.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable formula, and have some fun!

Hot town, summer in
the city, don't you want to
cool down at the Lake?
A dip in the pool..
Oh wait, we don't have a pool
A dip in the pond
There was a summer
when I screamed out with others:
You gotta believe!

On August's last day
it was hard to keep up hope.
(They were in last place.)

But scream out we did
And somehow or other (prayer?),
They ended up first.
George Osius Park
The Eleanor Clay Ford Pool
Park rat forever!
Hammock 'tween two Elms
Sun filtered thru dancing leaves
Breeze rocks me to sleep
Endless days, warm nights,
Ice melts in my sweating glass,
Strike three, game over.
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