Friday, May 29, 2015


Haiku Friday: Amusements!

About 30-some years ago, the entire 8th grade at Brownell Middle School celebrated the end of the school year by joining with two other schools on a jaunt to Bob-Lo Island. Bob-Lo was an amusement park that was reached by taking a ride on the Bob-Lo Boat (pictured above). The Boat featured junk food, a DJ, and dancing among other things. For 1200 8th graders, it was a pretty awesome day.

Let's haiku about amusement parks, or maybe any other amusements you might want to discuss.  Here, I'll go first:

On the Bob-Lo Boat
It was fun and hot and loud;
Mostly very loud.

Now it is your turn! Make it 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and have some fun!

The bus departs at
6am for Cedar Point
forty screaming kids
King's Island was loud
But also wonderfully
Dangerous! Thrill ride.
Disneyland worries
Me. Who lives in that castle?
I assume Mickey.
Little Johnny O.
Legoland, California
Magic embodied.
Can't come up with a good haiku for this:
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