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Haiku Friday: The poets of the Razor

You know, I think it is time to write about our favorite other Haiku Friday writers-- kind of a day of appreciation, in haiku. There really are some remarkable people who contribute, and it makes Friday just about my favorite day on the Razor. Where else can you find Jill Scoggins in Louisville, RRL in Waco, a few denizens of Minnesota, Christine in North Carolina, Megan Willome in Kerrville, Marta in New York, and some random Californians all chiming in?

You can talk about one of our regulars, or someone who only briefly appeared, or even someone you would like to see on here.

Here is mine:

I slow for Renee
Her words merit pondering
And change in the light.

Now it is your turn! The winner gets their bio here on Monday...

Renee's words give flight
To visions forgot or new
Friday Journey delight
Long night sketching, no caffeine yet, can't count to five either...

Renee's words give flight
To visions forgot or new
A journey delight
That OsoGrande,
Does a lot with a little
Few words, many thoughts.
S, short for sara?
A Mayor, football player.
Wow! Jack of all trades
You Minnesotans
have a real knack for haiku
you know who you are

Renee paints, her words
Beautiful and radiant
A 3-D canvas

Carrie - masterful
a wordsmith extraordinaire
N'er a word wasted
Neil Alan Willard
That guy should win more often!
Words are his best tools.

She solo sleeps next
Silken ears but dreams poets

Who write and reason
Like gods of poesy,law.

She lets herself swoon.
The way they treasure children!
Life-love longs to dance.

These oft razor'd men--
Take shots or paint or farm.Preach?
Chins jut clean with flaws.
I miss Lane. I felt
like he completed me. And
he said funny stuff.

More IPLawguy
on music. So militant.
Always a good time.

IPLaw music?
It's all jangly guitars, play'd
While driving a truck.
IPLawGuy's tunes:
Drunk guys on meth who can't sing
(While Mom plays the drums)
I so badly want
to listen to drunk guys on
meth with mom on drums.
Well, then, RRL,
IPLawGuy has lots of
Vinyl to lend you.
Awesome Professor.
Poet, Provocateur, Shrink.
Thanks. From all of us.
Osler, New Christine,
Renee, IPLaw Guy and
All: Enlightening

I'm quite honestly
Only impressed with myself.
How's that for haiku?
Bob Darden writes worlds
In a few well-chosen words
Simple, strong and true.

Haute couture? Haute minds
Reason forms fluid lines like
Givenchy.Or God's alps.

One keeps her heart in
A garden.One lawyerly
Cooks,babes aloft.One

Defies gravity
With thought and action tight-ropes
Slipperfeet.One is

New in so many ways
Elegant like raised eyebrows
Youngslender mind charged.

My beauties,salute
You I do. Hold your own,grief
Rage,joy,sharpened.You can.

I wait to lay my
Honor at your feet.Blackred
Roses show you rare.
Robert Darden and
Osler's dad. There's a roomful
in just two people.
A sleepy walleye,
Counting syllables tonight,
Dreaming a blue moon.
Mystery haikus,
written by "Anonymous".
are so darn private.

Just have to ponder
who could write such golden verse
and hide behind doors.

But any haiku which
uses "sleepy walleye" is
worthy of mention.
I don't always know
the names, but the poets of
the Razor are rare--

funny, wise and weird.
My favorite part of Friday.
Thank you, Mark Osler.
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