Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Grarf Best Panda for President

Argbf Administration be total failure. Argbf won election by promising change, but where are you now-- living in zoo, in pile of your own filth!

Grarf be better president than Argbf! Grarf is a Giant Job Creating Panda! He create jobs for everyone by using job creation with his friends, the job creators. Then, you have job. You can have a job like this:

Bamboo harvester
Cart puller
Owner of Cart
Game software programmer
Entertainer (dancing)
Radar gun operator
MRI technician
Protector of Woodley Park

Good jobs! Live in freedom and own things. Grarf pick running mate: Leonard. He in picture above. Thank you.


Is this really Grarf or the disqualified Chinese badminton players? Smells like game throwaway.
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