Friday, January 21, 2011


Haiku Party Tonight, Alright!

A great party is hard to pull off. To me, the key is to invite the right people-- if you do that, you can just have a fridge full of Schlitz, and it will work out fine.

Let's haiku on that this week. Just make the last line this: "That makes a good party!"

Here is mine:

Invite the right folks,
Who love to laugh (even one)
That makes a good party!

Now it is your turn-- just make the first line five syllables, the second one seven syllables, and the last one "That makes a good party!"

Sangria wine and
About sixty-four roses-
that makes a good party!
Good music and friends
Who care for one another:
That makes a good party!
Mark, do you realize?
"That makes it a good party" has
SIX whole syllables!
Catnip, canned cat food
A couple of lady cats
That makes a good party! (for Tiny Cat)
D'oh! I cannot count.
So I buy too much food/beer--
That makes a good party!
Anon 8:11- Actually what you typed is 7...LOL :D

You and me dancing,
like no one else is watching,
that makes a good party!
I hope this may have been your inspiration:
Did Dee Dee take over the pod in space? Isn't it IPLawGuy's pod? Did she lure him out by promising him chocolate pancakes?

And why would you get a keg at an army base?

Oh, and how many internships are you allowed to have at Baylor? By my count, "The Intern" has now had interships with IPLawGuy, Pickles the Cat, the Aqua Buddha, and Dee Dee.

This blog raises more questions than it answers!
Army Dad equals
Military ID-cheap beer!
That makes a good party!

(yes its true, we would drive down to the Base Exchange at Ft. Eustis in Hampton, Virginia to get kegs when we could convince someone with a Dad in the Armed Services to come along and use their ID to get in the door).

Did Dee Dee leave you
Eating syrup and pancakes?
That makes a good party!
You're only 10 once -
Video games and pizza:
That makes a good party!
Best intern quote yet:
"I shall procure the Mai Tais!"
That makes a good party!
music that moves you
friends to eat and drink well with
that makes a good par . . .
with the big three stick.
sex, drugs, rock roll - classics they are.
party that makes good.

Chicago Party Haiku

Twenty-two below
But what's a little wind chill?
That makes a good party.
Dee Dee rocks. I assume she's a Chi Omega?
Uh-huh-- definitely Chi-O. You can tell by the whole pencil-in-the hair thing. That, and the Polynesian theme obsession. And dumping some guy at the Waffle House at 5 PM. And the chutpah to hire an intern to get her stuff from the cleaner. And the excellent band idea... (but can they really get Prince on short notice?)
You mean the Artist Formerly Known as Prince? Now known by a symbol not found on my plain vanilla qwerty keyboard? I think Dee Dee calling him Prince and not using his proper legal symbol is a swipe at IPLawguy, aka Waffle Man, don't you?
"Waffle Man"... ouch, dude.
A big jug of syrup, hey-
that makes a good party!
She sticks her pencil
In her pulled up, bright blonde hair
Waffle Man is toast.
When someone says:
"Anyone down for a cock fight?"
that makes a good party!
I'm not sure why, but I really totally want to go to Dee Dee's super bowl party. I've been thinking about it all day. I'm pretty sure it will be a little messy and that eventually IPLawGuy will want his space pod back and there might be some mess with that gigantic saw blade, but all these factors point towards a great time:

1) She gets liquor from an army base (can you do that?)

2) She's named "Dee Dee."

3) She is having a super bowl party on a day other than the day on which the super bowl is being played (genius!)

4) Totally irrelevant, fun theme

5) She seems to have gotten the intern to buy into her crazy scheme (he always seemed skeptical of his other employers)

6) Inexplicable business suit

7) Leaving IPLawGuy at the Waffle House (probably in some other state) fully confident that he will still somehow show up for the party (probably covered in syrup)

8) Prince!

9) That looks like a great space for a party (until someone falls in the lava pit)

10) That one picture of the guys dancing with kegs on the roof of a car-- those are the theta delts, right? 'nuff said.
Yes, those were Theta Delts and that was my car. But I was not in the car.... I took the photo.

Anyhow, yes, you could get Military Special brand bourbon, gin, vodka and scotch... and we did! MUCH cheaper than the ABC stores.

But DD a Chi O? No Chi Omegas dressed like that when I was in college. More like a Pi Phi or Kappa
Tom, is there some story about you and a Waffle House?
Well, IPLaw Guy, the Chi-O I know dresses like Dee Dee. And she wears a pencil in her hair. Maybe you went to the wrong college.
Maybe his eyes are clouded with syrup?
The Chi O's at William & Mary during the late 70's and early 80's were the fun, pretty party girls (as opposed to the pretty, but stuck up and pretentious Tri Delts, the uptight Kappas or the preppy Pi Phis).

No story about me and syrup, although I did get pulled over on the way out to Frank's Truck Stop after the Christmas Dance that time. And I was with Brian Ledwith during a couple of his incidents, one at the truck stop and the other at Mr. Donut.
Oh, "The Incident at Mr. Donut." I heard about that. I think a version ended up in the Enquirer.
Listen IPLawGuy, you leave me out of all this. I am fed up with your tomfoolery and your flaming car and your spazzy friends!

No donut for you!
Minus six degrees,
and here we are at St. Steve's.
That makes a good party!
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