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I was at Baylor for ten years. There are some messed up things there, like at any school, but I remain a fan of the place, and think it is getting better all the time.

But... now this! Apparently, Rand Paul's opponent in the Kentucky Senate race is running an ad claiming that while at Baylor as an undergrad, Paul was part of a secret cult which worshipped the "Aqua Buddha!"

There are some obvious holes in this story:

1) Waco is a lousy place to be either (a) aquatic, or (b) Buddhist. Thus, a really lousy place for an Aqua Buddha.

2) The claim, specifically, is that Paul tied a woman up and forced her to worship the "Aqua Buddha." This seems like behavior that would really stick out at a place like Baylor, and have been raised before this.

3) Wait a minute... Rand Paul went to Baylor? Hoo boy...

The story is actually really funny. Apparently, Paul was a NoZe Brother, and he and a fellow Brother got blitzed on pot, picked this girl up, tried to get her to smoke weed with them, and then took her out to Bosque Creek where they tried to make her pray to Aqua Buddha. To hear her tell GQ, it sounded like she felt traumatized by it instead of laughing at college hijinks.

This story makes Paul's ticket go up in my book, although his crazy libertarianism outweighs it. But it's not like his Bible-thumpin' Democrat opponent is a better choice. Whoever wins, it won't be the people of Kentucky.

Still, maybe Christine O'Donnell can become the witchy high priestess of Aqua Buddha. I for one fully support Wacoans rights to join odd and humorous cults.

(Link to the original article for those interested.)

(Link to Wonkette because it's just too funny to pass up.)
The funniest thing about Rand Paul to me is that after a fallout with the American Board of Opthalmology, he just up and started his own opthalmology board and promptly certified himself.
That is in no way funnier than Aqua Buddha. Seriously, the man is a comedic genius.
In a city with a Baptist church to every 500 people (and plenty more Presbyterian and Methodist churches to go around!) and where the only water sources are "Lake" Waco (when it's built by the Army Corps of Engineers, it's not a lake!) and two of the most polluted rivers in the US, it seems like the "Aqua Buddha" would have better places to go, specifically those with more religious diversity and cleaner drinking water (Portland, OR, perhaps?).
I heart Aqua Buddha.
Anonymous 8:10-

That means that Texas only has one lake, since Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas. Although with the inclusion of man-made reservoirs, Texas has more lakes than Minnesota.
I prefer mineral Shiva myself.
Anybody want to start a band named "Aqua Buddha" with me?

I lived with a member of the organization that Paul was affiliated with while at Baylor. I saw some strange things, and have some good stories, but I was never privileged enough to see or worship the Aqua Buddha.
Aqua Budda, Mineral Shiva - but i thought all college students worshiped only one watery god or goddess -



At least we did at my school!
Where would Aqua Buddha stand on the turtle fence issue?
Aqua Buddha..... is that anything like the Porcelain Goddess? I worshipped that a few times in college.

I think you might occasionally find an Aqua Buddha in a Porcelain Goddess.

hmmmm. and here i was, thinking sloan was the aqua buddha.
and doesn't saying things like this-- "although his crazy libertarianism outweighs it. But it's not like his Bible-thumpin' Democrat opponent is a better choice"-- preclude one from getting their feathers ruffled when people say that they think your ideas and words are crazy?
i do, though, agree that this whole rand paul thing is a trip. (pun very much intended.)
Aqua Buddha might be a concept I can embrace.
Woody, I expect people to think I'm a little crazy. It keeps them on their toes.
touche, lane, touche.
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