Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Seen in the sky in Texas

Taken Sunday night south of Rosebud on Highway 77. Any guesses?

The Aqua Buddha leaving Baylor's homecoming?
My spacepod maneuvering so as to dump excess water.
IPLawguy, you sure it was excess water you were dumping?
The flight-path of a $300 nuclear device fashioned out of string by an inexperienced but very capable intern?
Dr. Evil?
Appears to me that someone tried taking a photo of the full moon after too much adult beverage.
Seems to me the moon is drunk.
moon+slow shutter speed+lsd= UFO freakout in rosebud.
in the top picture, if you look at the top left part of the light image, it pretty clearly appears to be the moon. i'm guessing (stress guessing) that a decent amateur photographer could capture squiggly moon.
"The best that you can do is..."
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