Monday, October 11, 2010


A poor television design, and a surprise...

As you may remember, IPLawGuy and I left the intern in charge and went to a tavern to watch football. Once we were gone, Pickles the Demon Cat snuck in and kidnapped the intern, forcing him to write term papers for her class in world domination. After they have left, the Spanish Medievalist returns to the Pod in Space looking for a lost article, and meets a mysterious stranger...

Congrats on the Fulbright SM!
Hey, I deserve it after watching that Vikings game tonight.
I suppose that those of us originating from G.P. speak the same dialect. I nearly choked on my cereal just now...
Hec-tor hec-tor hec-tor. Hec-tor hec-tor. Rotating television. Hec-tor.
I am going to be Pickles the Cat for Halloween. Meow!
Hector, hecctor, ha.
Tyd, trapped in a dutch speaking
body. Heactor. HA.
HECOTR!!!!!!! he appears!!!!!!!
I thought I was speaking Germona/ Who knoew it was Dutch? Hilarious.
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