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Political Mayhem Thursday: Law Enforcement

My friends over at the Washington Legal Foundation are featuring a piece I wrote for them on the DOJ, Guidelines, and Natural Law-- you can see it here. That's a little much for political mayhem Thursday, though, so I am going to focus things a little more.

Generally, what should law enforcement be doing right now? As I made clear earlier this week, I think it would be a great time to take a realistic and focused approach to curtailing drug trafficking.

Here are some other possible priorities:

-- White collar crime
-- RRL-related crimes
-- Immigration crimes
-- Domestic violence
-- Drunk driving
-- Hamburgling
-- Medical Industry fraud
-- Environmental crimes
-- Sexual predators
-- property crimes

If you think that topic is boring, feel free to comment on the somewhat strange fact that nearly all violent criminals are men.

I figured you would've picked today being the 10th anniversary of the first day of the war in Afghanistan.
-- Major violent crimes
-- Crimes against children, including child porn
-- Domestic violence, with stronger punishments, especially for repeat offenders
-- Drunk-driving or related crimes
-- White collar crimes

And dead last, drug interdiction against anyone except major organized crime institutions. Low level possessors and dealers do not matter, one bit.
There's quite a bit of overlap between RRL crimes and Hamburgling. So one task force could efficiently decrease both. Let's start there.iah
Hamburglery. The nation is being deprived of McDonald's hamburgers, slowly and painfully.

McCheese's stance on this crucial issue is soft at best, and he's been shown to be a rather weak leader in the past. Thus, I endorse Theodore McNugget as my choice for Mayor of McDonaldland 2010
You'll never get me coppers!! (maniacal laughter)(evil laugh)(raised eyebrow)

I think the police should focus on the Kings of Leon's crimes against rock 'n' roll.
I totally heart Kings of Leon, and so do all real Americans.

Someone told me that RRL likes Yoko Ono records, and he sings along in his office.
RRL, will you join me in a McCarthy-esque hunt to weed out indie music from rock and roll, root and branch?
Which is good, the indie music or the rock n' roll? Because rock n' roll seems kind of dead.
If we focus our collective law enforcement efforts on Pickles the Cat and her growing international crime syndicate could would curtail both white-collar crime (a la IPLawguy)and violent crime (e.g. Prof. Osler's ankle). It's sort of a "two birds, one stone" situation...

In the world beyond the Razor, I agree with Lane with only one exception: That distinctions be drawn in interdiction strategies to account for the production and distribution variations between drug types. In other words, street level interdiction (along with broad spectrum policies) may actually be more effective for domestically produced, backyard meth while targeting cartels is most effective for a drug like cocaine.
Indie music and hipsters are a blight upon our culture.
Lane, sadly this will not be an area where we are able to join forces. I actually like a lot of "indie" music, or college rock, or whatever. Pavement and that ilk are some of my favorite bands. At the same time, I rock my secretary out to The Sword on a daily basis (which I don't think she enjoys, so she makes me shut my door), so I'm fighting the fight on both sides for good solid tunes (this is where IPLawguy makes some joke about "Southern Cross").

My problem is with no particular genre, it is just with the drivel that Kings of Leon has forced upon America. When that "Sex on Fire" song came out I thought it was a Jonas Brothers' song, and if you replace the word "sex" with "heart" in the lyrics then it is a Jonas Brothers' song. Try it some time.

Then that other terrible single came out and I couldn't believe a generation of hipsters was being tricked into listening to a Nickleback cover band. "Someone like yooouuuuu..." Oh man, that is a big bag of awful. They are the perfect band for dudes in affliction shirts and the girls that like dudes in affliction shirts. I'm pretty sure all of their songs are written by Jamie Walters of 90210 fame (sorry for the dated reference, but that is what I think of because they're that awful).

Plus, they're on Sony, so they aren't even indie. They just wear skinny jeans and refuse to wash their hair so it confuses people into believing they're something other than a glorified boy band.

And Yoko Ono stinks too.
I am totally with RRL on KOL. Ugh, that Sex is on Fire song is horrific. If that makes me French, then so be it.

Law enforcement priorities:
Crimes against children
Violent crime, generally
White collar offenses

And, btw, Pickles is innocent until proven guilty...and I just don't see her intentionally breaking Osler's ankle without a very good reason.

The times when I have seen women charged with the commission of a violent crime, it is usually motive-driven, or involved the influence of a male co-conspiritor. Women do not seem to commit random acts of violence anywhere near as often as men. I think we are wired to get violent only if someone pushes us too far, one way or another. Then, watch out!
But RRL, how do you talk to angels? cause unless you know, you should really lay off Jamie Walters. - Great Reference by the way, haven't heard that name in years.
The Sword's "Warp Riders" is proof of the truth and goodness of hard rock music.

Violent crimes are rarely random. Every last one of them is unnecessary and senseless, however. Sorry, too many violent cases presented to the grand jury this week. Makes me sick.
Do we know for certain that pickles is female?

Also I'd like law enforcement to look into Michele Bachmann's campaign funding... its obscene.
Testosterone, testosterone, testosterone. That's why most violent criminals are men--isn't that basically what that article is saying?
Re Lane: I don't think you could do major drug interdiction without being willing to prosecute minor players.

You need what they know for the T3's and the warrants and if there is no prosecution/punishment then they have no motive to talk or cooperate.
What about Pickles!
She is a violent crimin
-al! She appales IPlaw guy.
Is it possible to have violent crimes on par with white-collar crime? Perhaps this could best be accomplished by reducing reduncy in the enforcement efforts; trust local law enforcement to address major violent crimes while the all powerful feds address white-collar crime with much more effect prosecutorial tools.

And I agree with the earlier comment regarding a different spectrum of enforcement. Street level dopers must be policed for community safety. (This does not mean that they should be incarcerated for 5-99 years.) I agree with Professor Olser in that drugs is big business; eliminating the salesperson does not accomplish much, if anything.
What Lane said!

Except legalize pot, heroin, etc., and leave the enforcement for Meth and crack.

Heroin/opiate addiction is medically managable, and pot is much less harmful than alcohol.

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