Wednesday, October 13, 2010


IPLawGuy Takes Amtrak... and gets a surprise.

Is calling someone a "monster kitten" a term of affection or insult?

What is the story with IPLawGuy and Pickles? Do they have some kind of history?
I think Pickles has been hired by a competing law firm to torture IPLawGuy.
I DO like Amtrak! Definitely would prefer that to a pod in space.
Maybe its the broccoli, but I would never belch like that in real life.
You know, in this little world, I have no idea whether i'd be a hero or a villian.
That is a really nice dining car...

This reveals a lot about my humor, but the burping is hilarious. I love that Iplaw only does it when he is off screen, like he doesn't think we will hear him. LOL
If you can type, you
can make movies, over, and
over, at the end.
You know, IPLawguy, one might suppose that if you had a pile of non-sequential, unmarked cash and a stack of dynamite you could put them to use liberating your captive intern...
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