Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Episode 8, in which DiaDelKendall appears as my arch nemesis

You have to admit... this guy looks a lot like DiaDelKendall.
[Video removed-- but you can see it here]

At least my arch nemesis is a hot chick.
red. white. blerg.
from nawinkler - "Why are you laughing evilly? IPLawGuy's the one who committed false imprisonment of Pickles. You could be one of the good guys."
I like how his name is pronounced. Didle Kindle.
Pickles does bad things. Very naughty bad things. Dirty, naughty, bad things.
And she bites......Ooooohhhhh, she bites.

excuse me for a moment.
"It turns out I bite. I am a biter."

It will be interesting to see if Pickles, her sidekick, Hair Cut Guy, and the Spanish Medievalist team up against IPLawGuy and Osler.

I want to see that.
Also, Jessica, I was kind of hoping you would be Pickles' sidekick. What would your costume be like?

I'd like something VERY bright pink. I don't think I need quite as much groin protection as some of the other characters seem to be enjoying. And if the front of my costume could feature something awesome, like a turkey, that would be pretty sweet.
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