Friday, February 19, 2010


Yeah, it's my birfday...

... this weekend. Any ideas on how I should celebrate, other than the following?

1) Head out to da club, bottle full of bub.

2) Complete edits to "Texas Juries, Buyer's Remorse, and Booker's Fatal Flaw" for the next issue of the Federal Sentencing Reporter.

3) Move like a playa or pimp.

4) Review Elena Kagan's reply brief in O'Brien in anticipation of Tuesday's argument.

5) Get hit wit' a few shells, but don't walk with a limp.

6) Review material in Aristotle's On Rhetoric for Monday's Oral Advocacy class.

7a) See Xhibit in da' club.

7b) Finish analysis of Guideline Section 2L1.2 as vulnerable to a Kimbrough/Spears challenge.

8) Put the Benz on dubs.

9) Address the Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty Conference on the subject of Jesus on Death Row.

10) Sip Bacardi like it's my birfday.

Rock and roll all night and Party Every Day
Partly every day...
Most. Likely: 1, 2, 6, 7b. Wasn't Xhibit in your movie? Can I meet you guys at da club?

See you 2nite!
... at da club. Or the death penalty conference.
Happy Birthday! Perhaps, you could have some cake and ice cream at da club at Chateau Osler?
You should really be sippin' on some gin and juice.
Steal a ring of power from a diminutive friend.

Have a party. Cry... If you want to.
party like its 1699.
WHAT Soul Train Video? I cannot see it.... Bummer.
Pump some new s*#% by NWA.
Tyd- last link in the post.
As Monique once said to Hamidou, "Bon Anniversaire! mon petit chouchou"
oh happy day!
Little Red Corvette?
Baby you're much too fast.
Take a longboat and raid the coast of England. Eat red meat, use an axe.
Isn't that just like any other Saturday for you? Your birthday is suppose to be special!
Mr. Spammer here needs to learn about target marketing. Somewhere in Korea? Maybe. On a blog run by a guy in Waco? Nope.
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