Monday, July 07, 2008


What I found in Michigan

While I was up in Michigan, I got to catch up on what my Dad has been up to lately. Mostly, he has been painting. In the summer, he often works outside:

Here's some of what he has been working on (you can make the images larger by clicking on them):

His blog needs a little work, though...

You forgot to include the McCain portraits!
impressionist - pretty to look at from afar, but on closer inspection, lacks any detail or plan....hmmmmm I wonder if that could be applied to anyone?

Actually I find them all quite good, but I wonder why the creative side of your brain (Osler) doesn't work the same way. You would think genetically you would have an artistic flair about you too, but I'm guessing the blog isn't up to snuf in that regard.

What do y'all think? Osler = artistic?
Anon 7:48--

Impressionist painting "on closer inspection, lacks any detail or plan?" What the heck? To make the image look like something from a distance, it takes incredible planning and attention to detail.

As for my being artistic, it totally skipped me and went to my brother and sister, who are very talented. My brother is a musician and my sister is a painter (in addition to their other jobs). I'm lacking in all those areas, though I do enjoy taking photos and have put some of them up on the blog.
Anon. 7:48, you don't know what you are talking about. Impressionists need to have incredible vision so they know what they are creating when they paint little red and blue dots.

Also, I don't think I would call these paintings impressionistic.
wow apparently not funny enough for a monday. I guess I did succeed in getting everyone amped up, but only in defense of impressionist art.

But I will defend my assertions that Poppa Osler's paintings fall into the impressionist category. It's not just paintings made up of dots that qualify. And of course it takes much planning to get a beautiful result like we've seen.
Relax everyone!
Any pictures of Panda vs. Rabbit ninja action?

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