Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Road North

Over the next few days, I will be driving up to Detroit. It's a drive I have made several times before, and by now it has become somewhat of a routine. To pass the time in the car, I usually do the following:

20% listening to the radio
40% listening to cd's
39.9% thinking about stuff
00.1% talking on the phone

This time, though, I plan to listen to several podcasts that I have downloaded, including some from the Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, The Onion, Prairie Home Companion, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, KCRW's Le Show, and This American Life (which can make me laugh out loud).

Any additional podcast recommendations or driving tips?

Mannequin --> passenger seat --> HOV lane FTW!
Greg Laurie. Outstanding Christian preacher - relevant and spot on.
prof. osler,

so, these podcasts are pretty much my most favorite thing ever:

check out: Physics 10/LS C70V Descriptive Introduction to Physics

There's always (on NPR) "Car Talk"" but that's only on Saturdays I think . . . and Terry Gross has some interesting interviews, usually in the evening slot (4 - 7 pm depending on time zone).
There's always (on NPR) "Car Talk"" but that's only on Saturdays I think . . . and Terry Gross has some interesting interviews, usually in the evening slot (4 - 7 pm depending on time zone).
No, but if you go through Iowa City, check out the Record Collector (it's a dead ringer for the vinyl store in "High Fidelity") and tell me if the black gospel section is any good!
P.S. Also, if you pass a sign for Adam and Eve Records, another Iowa vinyl legend, jot down the name of the city it is in ... I can never remember.
I would have said also Terry gross and the Car Tawk guys on NPR but Swissgirl beat me to it.
The Ricky Gervais show. You can download it on Itunes. I'd buy it in sequentials - it won't be as funny if you don't start from the first show.

Also, you can download Supreme Court oral arguments through the Oyez project.
I'm starting the same drive tomorrow night around 12 am. Maybe I'll pass you and cut you off and then you can flick me off and fail me in crim prac and we'll both get a laugh.

Enjoy the drive.
You can't go wrong with Bill Simmons' podcasts.
If you listen to any mix CDs, for Goodness' sake, don't mix them yourself. Get that guy we both know to pick the tunes.
If you are listening to podcasts, please play them over the speakers in your car and don't wear earbuds while driving.

Thank you,

the other drivers on the road.
I am trying to think of anything worse than listening to physics or random oral arguments in the car. I can't. I'll be driving north too, but I won't cut you off...on purpose.
I have to learn how to use podcasts . . . never done that before and I couldn't get them overseas anyway! At least not that I figured out. Not from the US.

The name sounds kind of Orwellian, actually, a little scary. Like you're being fed information while trapped in a pod . . .
If you're up for something completely goofy, there is a podcast from yesterday (7/22) with Adam Carolla (used to be on the Man Show) and the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, on Page 2 at It is hilarious. They spend over an hour (literally 62 minutes) covering topics as wide ranging as changes they would've made to the Rocky movies, why the soundtrack to Hoosiers seems ridiculous in retrospect, whether Mr. Myagi was a good guy, and goofiest scene from an 80s movie. It is pretty funny stuff.

Really, there are about 100 Sports Guy podcasts and they are all pretty good if you like ridiculous and somewhat nonsensical sports talk that is really pop culture talk.
And also Bob Seger. I LOVE Bob Seger. I don't really LOVE him just his music. But he seems like a nice person though.

So, Bob.

Be sure to pronounce it with a bog Michigan accent, like I do....
Anything NPR usually works.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross. She has great interviews, as you already probably know.

I also enjoy Science Friday. It's a good way to keep up with scientific developments.
Pick up random hitchhikers. Have random conversations. But don't get killed.
Anonymous 9:22 is right, go to Car Talk, or another good choice is "Wait, Wait, Don't tell me." Full episodes of both are available as podcasts on iTunes and both are free.
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