Saturday, July 12, 2008


New Jersey, Texas, and Utah!

Houston Baptist University announced that they are joining the Great West League. Judging by the membership, the goal of this conference is to use as much gas as possible while playing mediocre games in front of small crowds. Here are the current members:

Houston Baptist University
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University of North Dakota
University of South Dakota
University of Texas-Pan American
Utah Valley University

"Affiliate" members include the University of California-Davis, Southern Utah, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Sure, in the past I have suggested some weird sports conferences myself, but I'm not sure I could have dreamed this one up.

Baylor could really dominate in that conference.
I've discovered a great convo starter here in D.C. "So, did you know that Baylor is considered one of the three most irrelevant Division I football programs?" Then people inevitably say, "Really? I thought Texans loved football . . . " I don't have an answer for that.
Baylor needs to be in that conference with the smart-people schools. Damn. What is that called? It's like a plant.
I think U. of North Dakota and U. of South Dakota already have football programs and are in conferences. You probably mean the University of Southern North Dakota and the University Northern South Dakota.

One more conference suggestion:

St. Louis
Wake Forest
(but not Air Force, they're WAY too good over the past 20 years)

Didn't TCU almost go undefeated a few years ago?
HBU is not getting football.
Anon-- you are right! I changed the post. That's what I get for taking info from BaylorFans.
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