Sunday, October 28, 2007


Maybe not the right thing to say...

Last night at a Halloween party, I was talking to a very nice woman dressed as a cat. While making a point, she waved her tail at me, at which point I said "Nice tail!"


This is on top of the incident last week when I told a PC student that her performance reminded me of "Pop" from Snap, Crackle, and Pop (pictured at right above).

Also not taken well.

This week, I am planning only to nod agreeably with whatever anyone says.

How did her performance remind you of Pop? I can't figure that one out.
I'm holding you to that "nod in agreement" thing on Tuesday when you make us comment on art. Still confused about that assignment.
One of the best pieces of advice my mom ever gave me, though I must at admit it I frequently ignore said advice..

if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

I guess the real question might be what is "something nice."
Anne-Marie, I think both those things I said were supposed to be nice. They just kind of came out funny.

Oso-- I think she was kind of making that pose like Pop does, with the big smile. Which, I think, was appropriate at the time.

Anon-- Look it up like a case. Find out about it. Then volunteer when I get to that painting.
I still think the best one was when you did your Fat Albert impersonation ("Hey, hey, heeey!") and an obviously anorexic female walking by thought you were directing it at her!
inda j. couldn't be more right!
After the intial shock of being compared to a breakfast cereal wore off... I decided to adopt the name. It is most definitely better than being called "crackle" =) And out of all the breakfast cereals out there - I should be thankful I was compared to rice crispy's.

But I have to say - that outfit that Pop" is wearing is in no way a true replication of what I was wearing at the time.
Pop =)

Actually, you were wearing a hat and shoes just like that, as I recall.

And it could have been worse--
You're right - it could have been worse - I could have been compared to Froot loops or Coco Puffs.

My friends think I am more akin to Cherrios=)

I also really liked the art assignment in PR.
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