Monday, September 24, 2007


Poetry Smackdown on Thursday!

My friend, Assoc. Dean of the Business School, and book-writing guru Blaine McCormick has challenged me to a poetry smackdown. Never one to back away from a literature-based (or food-based) challenge, I have agreed to meet him mano-a-mano at Beatnix Coffeehouse Thursday night at 8 pm.

I may be in over my head. Dr. McCormick has actually published a book of poetry, and Annie Dillard calls him to chat about stuff. Meanwhile, my "work" is mostly about aliens and motor oil. Feel free to stop by, but if you do-- show me some love. That, and you should buy some coffee. And maybe a danish or something.

Will there be skunge?
Are there really beatniks in Waco?
You guys are way out of my league. I only write poetry about love and death and other mundane subjects. Can I come and watch?
Anon.-- No.
Swissy-- Yes.
Medievalist-- Of course! And bring your own! It's an open mic type of thing.
This is somewhat frightening. BLS is slowly creeping closer and closer to my home. I live fifteen minutes away just to have a clear line of separation. But now, BLS is going to be right across the street.

Prepare the sandbags! The lawyers are coming! The lawyers are coming!
A great bit of performance art might be to simply show up and start reading, not reciting, but actually reading from a print out, a long list of Razor Haikus.

Kind of like an Andy Kaufmann thing.
Osler, if you really want to go Andy Kaufman on them, just read a four thousand word rant from Tydwbleach about sandboxes. Don't hurt 'em, Hammer!
Who is the middle guy in the photos? I recognize the (unattractive) Osler and the (attractive) McCormick.
caffiene and poetry...truly a strange mix.
Is the picture Jack Kerouac?
Hi, this is not so related to your page, but it is the site you asked me 1 month ago about the abs diet. I tried it, worked well. Well here is the site
Anons 9:17 and 11:17 -

That's Allen Ginsberg, author of The Fall of America.
Ooooh. And Osler appears to have his first Spam Friend. :)

I assume the graphic verification system will be in effect soon.
True fact:

My aunt hung out with Alan Ginsburg. If you visited him in the Village, you shouted up to his apartment and he'd throw you down the keys.

My aunt smoked a lot of skunge in her time. Don't think she ever tried the abs diet.

That is so not related to my page! OMG!
Two words (and an initial):
Maynard G. Krebs.

Keep the tradition alive!
Normally I go to Beatnix to make fun of the "poets" - so this is going to be great! Beatnix won't know what hit them.

Osler, you have McCormik, hands down.
Will he do that thoughtful hand on chin thing as he recites? I often see "official" photos of lawyers posed like that and wonder if they think it makes them look more professional.
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