Sunday, July 15, 2007


Mr. Crim Prac Goes to Washington...

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to our nation's capital for this meeting. I also get to visit with IPLawGuy AND go to a Washington Nationals game. I think they are playing the Harlem Globetrotters. Or is that the New Jersey Generals? Hmmm....

Lord help them if its the globetrotters...
Maybe if they played the Mudhens they might have a chance. Enjoy Washington. I hear the waters there are quite enjoyable this time of year.
I'm really going to miss RFK. Make sure you make the stands shake. It's kind of fun, especially after a few beers.
He'll be sitting just at the edge of the bouncing seats, so lets hope Kearns, Lopez, Church, Logan and Zimmerman can get out of their collective slumps. And maybe Acta will realize its time to start Flores everyday instead of Schneider and his .230 average.
Lucky for you, Osler and iplawguy, that my (current) hometeam is in town - the disastros, as my Dad calls them.
Have fun, Osler and Iplaw. Osler give our best to Iplawwife and and Mamie Eisenhower Iplawbaby.
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