Monday, July 02, 2007


More Comix!

I believe this one refers to the incident in which Spencer was kicked out of preschool because of something that his Mom put in his lunch. Or something like that. It might have all been Donut's fault...

They have some kind of an organic chef at his new preschool he starts next week. I am not sure what that guy is gonna make him THe kid only wants to eat string cheese and fruit. and popsicles.

I miss him its so quiet in the house.

I am enjoying the lack of chaos, though... hagging the fake TIVO, leaving the lights on all thru the house, M&Ms for breakfast..

being temporarily single is fun!!!!
On the trip SPencer is talking NON STOP to people about the dog... his dog at home, Riley. He loves that dog.... who doesn't? I mean its hard not to love a dog that will eat your leftover Chinese food or the veggies you hate....

But honestly Riley has seen better days . He has tumors on his back, he has arthritis ALLL OVER his body, and he is not doing well. It is way past his time to uhmmmm, take the uhmmmm dirt nap you know? I mean the kindest thing to do for that dog at this point, even the vet said would be to say goodnight to him. He is in a LOT of pain....

HOWEVER the kid just lost his house and now should we take away his dog too? I debated back and forth with Bill - should I take Riley for that last sad ride to the vet while they are in CA,, and have Spencer come home to no dog, after he has been talking non stop about the dog to complete strangers?

Bill says this is bad that he would not get a chance to say goodbye to the him... But he is three....

Bill wants Spencer to have closure and say goodbye and you know handle it differently. I just feel really bad for the dog, and really bad for all of us. WE got that dog in 1999, and he was with Bill and I through so many things, BUT he is in a lot of pain it is clear.

My idea also was OK so we do it but then we get a new dog like pronto, which will not really REPLACE the dog but will maybe ease the pain for SPe3ncer you know? A distraction>> I mean he is 3 years old and I am not sure I want to go into the whole death thing with him right now....

the trouble with this idea is that Bill is opposed to getting another dog right now. I would want some kind of a rescue lab, maybe like two years old - somewhat trained... or at least past that puppy - poop all over - eat all your shoes phase that is sooooo delightful.....

but also Riley just loves the kid... he would never in a million years hurt SPencer, and we KNOW that... with a new dog know?

this is really hard. I feel so bad for old Riley. I want him out of his pain... if he is gone suddenly, SPencer will be soooooo sad...

hard to be a mom.

I blame Donut. THis is ALLLLL Donut's fault.
I think you should take a two-step approach:

1) Send Spencer off to "live on a farm where he can run and play," then

2) Shoot the elderly dog. Donut will probably do it for free.
Mr Mustard:

1. Could not, Would not, shoot my dawg. He would have to just go SLeeeeepy.

2. THe kid stays

3. Try and follow along.... Donut is in prison right now for that very reason He was involved in a drive by at Toney Baloney's, Gymboree and Chuckie Cheese. The worst part is, he stole Spencer's Jeep to commit the crime, and then later they found it all dissembled. I guess someone over on Sesame Street has been running another chop shop. The cops busted in and found Jeeps, Little Hummers, Cozy Coupes, big wheels and even two Barbie Jeeps. They held Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird for questioning, but they let them go after they squealed on the real criminals - Vinnie the Grouch, Louie the Hood and Joey "Big Fuzzy"
the crackhead.

Donut is doing time but should be out by August.
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