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I love it when the U.S. is #1 in something like auto production or Nobel prizes, but I'll take winning the hot-dog eating championship. Yesterday in Coney Island, American Joey Chestnut finally defeated Japan's Kobayashi by eating 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Kobayashi had won six of the championships in a row. Things didn't go so well for him this time. Kobayashi, at the end of the competition, blew chunks. I'm not sure this is a competition I want to watch.

Meanwhile, I spent my holiday writing that brief. And I enjoyed it.

There's a very interesting article on "post apocolypse" Detroit in the July issue of Harpers. It does not mention National or American Coney Island restaurants, however.
I love Harper's. My subscription ran out, and I need to renew it. I am going to check that out...
Hey is it this one?

Rebecca Solnit. Harper's Magazine. New York: Jul 2007.

I still have access to the Online Library. Gotta love proquest.
Sleepy-- I read that, too. It kind of suggests that Detroit's future is in subsistence farming. Sigh.
yes, Tyd that's the article.

I too was disappointed with the author's conclusion. But I felt like the description of the landscape was spot on. Particularly interesting as it was written from an outsider's perspective, sor of like Margaret Meade visits the jungle of Detroit and describes it to the armchair sociologists back in civilization.
Well, The Tigers are kicking butt and taking names this year. That has to count for something.
They did that last year too, but the end was ugly.
It was the Cardinals' turn. Your team won last time in '68
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