Monday, July 09, 2007


More on Scooter...

More of the story on the Libby commutation last week is coming out now. Doug Berman linked to this intriguing Newsweek article, which seems to conclude that Bush commuted Libby not under direct pressure from Vice-President Cheney, but because he feared Cheney would be disappointed. This probably won't change any minds about who is really in charge at the White House.

Meanwhile, a blog called "Buck Naked Politics" has a pretty good wrap-up of the reaction by sentencing experts to the Libby commutation. It sort of makes me look like the conservative among the group, too.

The blog, of course, reminds me of the great Seinfeld episode in which Jerry and George agree that "Buck Naked" would be a great stage name in certain industries.

The link to "certain industries" was blocked by my firm's Vchip/decency filter. Must have been an arbitration service or something.
No-- it was just a clip from Seinfeld.
Ah, ONLY copyright infringement. I see....
George and Jerry DO look like out of work porn stars. Frankly I think ALL guys with moustaches do.
You know this has nothing to do with the topic but then what post of mine ever does?

But My son Spencer he can be a real pill BUT honestly I was really surprised today when for the first time he went to his new summer preschool at the Learning Tree. He was dropped off and we were worried that he would freak out or something, as this is his third babysitter this summer but he just sort of dove in and did not worry about anything. He really is a little trooper, and while he is stubborn and a real pain at times, you cannot say that much bothers him. At three years old he is truly a go with the flow kind of kid, while still asserting his own nutty personality.

I guess after being friends with DONUT, everything else is really easy...

I hate talking about food because I have a friend Diane who is CONSTANTLY DESCRIBING food to me.. I hate it BUT I tried this new Haagen Dasz flavor the other day WOW it is really great its called Caramel Cone.
Here's how you come up with your "industry" name:

You take the name of your first pet (i.e. Mickey)
and you mother's maiden name (i.e. Jones)

Have fun!
Ooops, that was supposed to be YOUR mother's, not you mothers!

Must sleep now.
my industry name is "Daisy Allan."

OK, I could watch the video at home. Jerry kind of looks like your Taupe Sweater twin.

As for "industry names," the way I heard it was that you used the name of the street you lived on as a last name. Mine would be "Smoke Rockport," although if you use my female dog instead of my male cat and my street in Ohio instead of my street in Virginia, it would be "Taffy Damon."
Hmmm... I think "Smoke Rockport" is way more effective than "Taffy Damon."
Max Buckingham
Max Buckingham is a pretty great name.
I am Riley Grenoble
or Riley Sycamore

what industry are we talking about ????
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