Tuesday, July 10, 2007


IPLawGuy = IPLawGod!

Congrats to IPLawGuy for his well-written article in World Trademark Review, which is kind of the Federal Sentencing Reporter for the IP set. Of course, the IPLaw guys way outnumber us sentencing geeks, both in numbers and sheer earning power, so I would guess that the WTR is much more widely read.

The truth is that IPLG is a leading attorney in the field, and IP is an increasingly important field, and one that is at the center of emerging conflicts in technology, publishing, and world trade. IPLG put in a lot of hard work to get to the place where he can lead, and when I look at my own law students I hope that they can do as well in finding their way to a good place.

Think maybe our alma mater has something to do with y'all's success in the law?
Whether yea or nay, I say "HOORAY" or our brother, IPLG!!!
You are preaching to the choir, Osler. We already knew he was perfect.

I think you can partly attribute his success to those kilts he wears every day, along with that big yellow hat. I think they intimidate all of his opponents, as do his Mad Skillz grilling vermin, and devotion to the band REO Speedwagon.

We are gonna keep on lovin' you, Iplaw.

Cause its the only thing we wanna do.


Actually, yes, I do think W&M prepared the Prof and I and many others to be good lawyers. W&M requires students to write. All of us had to produce many different papers every semester and the professors in every department graded on grammar, style and effectiveness.

The guy with the big yellow hat was actually a UPI stringer during college and worked hard at his job (when he thought no one was watching)

It may sound a little silly, but I also think that our legal abilities were honed by belonging to a large and active and diverse (for state school in Virginia) fraternity where we had to learn to negotiate and persuade colleagues to accomplish anything.
Hmm, it is irresistable to say...

"Frat Boy Makes Good"
Deny it alllll you want.. I KNOW that was you in the Big Yellow hat. Just like in Curious George.
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