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I'm not alone...

Doug Berman verifies that I am not the only prosecutor type angry about the Libby commutation. As a former prosecutor (as opposed to the current prosecutors quoted by Doug), I can at least make my argument under my own name.

After the scandals, the Gonzalez testimony, the departure of top leadership, and now this, I'm thinking morale must be pretty low in some parts of the DOJ.

I'm kind of glad I didn't get on with a U.S. Attorney office, though that's the job I really want. I'm not so sure I'd want to work for this Justice Department.
The good news is that there will be openings in a few years, and it will be a new department. There are usually a lot of personnel changes and hiring that goes with a change in administration.
somewhere i hear prof lapp yelling, "thank you, executive-executive agencies!" (in reference to the impending changes, that is)
I had a pretty good fourth of July the BBq was fun and Bill brought his famous Dick Cheney burgers to grill.

They are like sirloin, ground but then you put it into the food processor with like a ton of thick slice pepper bacon and then all this other crap... they weigh a ton and have two zillion calories and have so much fat they might just give you four heart attacks, like Dick Cheney.

Then the neighbors blew up a bunch of their own, personal fireworks in the street, which by the way, everyone in OR and WA are total PYROMANIACS I do not know what it is about these people.... they are crazy. At Christmas our street looks like freaking Vegas, and on the 4th of July the stuff they blow up in front of all their houses is usually much bigger and more exciting than the show the city puts on... My first Fourth of July here, I just hid in the house, convinced WW III had begun. I did not realize that the whole state was full of people who LOVE to blow stuff up. I mean here you can buy tons of fireworks at COSTCO! In Michigan this would NEVER happen.

By now I am used to it.. and I sat there with everyone else drinking my Girl Drink Grape Wine coolers, while the kids ran around with sparklers and stuff, and used the slip and slide and we grilled and everyone had fun.

Bill brought his favorite beer that they make here in Portland Widmer some kind called Hefferwiszen or something like that. ITs pronounced
Hay fah vyssen.

I hate beer. Bill is not a big drinker.. We took 6 bottles home and I thought to myself well that's good, now we will have 6 bottles for Next year's Fourth of July. HAHAH we had a party once when we were first married and we had three leftover cans of Guinness. We moved them like four different times but they never made it to OR.... But they were in our different fridges for like 6 years. Tonight I took with me a bottle of my favorite wine ( I have such a sophisticated palate - Beringer White Zinfandel) that I think I have had since 1982. It never got opened, and back in to the fridge it goes.

Anyway we all had fun but its late TOmorrow AM I have to work at Matt's and then we mneet with the builder. I am telling that guy LOOK - Habib does the tiling, or you can fogeddaboutit. Oh and I want upstairs laundry. Bill wants to move the entire staircase from the middle to the left.

Yeah that will be a fun meeting.
PS Osler Good like fighting the power .... Stick it to The Man.


You don't look a DAY over 220.
Federal agencies are very, very big places with miles of corridor. They are staffed, for the most part, by career bureaucrats (I say that not in a bad way) who take little notice of the political winds. If you think the Libby commutation, the Goodling nonsense, or any of the other "political" problems the current DOJ has somehow infected the entire agency or that, for example, the Civil Division has become demoralized as a result, you have an unfortunate and misguided notion of how the government works. The machine that is the DOJ keeps moving, no matter what idiot is in thr AG's office or, for that matter, the West Wing.

I'm not talking about the people in the endless corridors in DC, I'm talking about the people who work in the 93 U.S. Attorneys Offices in their own hometowns. I was one of them, and they aren't faceless bureaocrats who don't really care what is going on. I have an idea of how they feel because I have talked to some of them.

No, the DOJ won't disband, but they will continue to lose good people at several levels. Then, later, they will hire a lot of good people. It's a cycle, and this is a down part of the cycle, and morale doesn't sound so great right now.
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