Monday, July 30, 2007


Hiatus now on Razor Osler!

Allo! It is me, Marc Osler, runner of Razor this. I am busy with many thing, and now will take break on razor until August 20. Hello to many friends and people! Now Razor will have new flavors and coloring for people who enjoy Razor, when after hiatus August 20. Please to come back then for such thing as recommendation on the food and the wine and poem of the Jesus.

Please to understand that need to have time to make better all of the Razors for more content better scent and color.

Au Revoir!


See,I TOLD you this would happen!

Now what? Any suggestions?
This may cause me emotional and physical problems; the Razor is like heroin.
Relax. Take four deep cleansing breaths. We only have this one post to comment on umtil the 20th, but I think we should feel free to contribute comments on whatever random thought or emotion that comes to mind. Just like Tyd.

Pehaps some of us can come up with Osleresque topics.
Try this:
I was writing a haiku about Jesus today when Bates called to discuss sentencing guidelines. I told him to meet me and CL for lunch. but I wasn't sure where we should go so I polled Razorites re: Waco restaurants. Before I could get a consensus Tyd wrote to say that Donut exploded!

Actually after reading this over it sounds a little derisive... sorry.
Someone else give it a try.
On the way to lunch at Ninfas we saw this old man by the side of the road selling hair care products. Turns out it was Ted Nugent. Or at least it looked like Ted Nugent. We weren't quite sure. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just a leopard skin loincloth.

Maybe Swanburg knows something about this.
Now Razor withdrawal is in full swing. Last night I dreamed that iplawguy and me were talking on the phone about a minor league team called the Sleepy Walleyes. Then Charles, a former Osler protoge, knocked on my window to say hello.

I think iplawguy's idea about crashing another blog is a good one. I stand (sit) by ready to assist.
As an allied health professional I must let you know that in order to get our health administration permit thingies we have to swear off all forms of humor. Medicine is serious business. If you want humor go see a chiropractor.
Wait! You mean the funny woman who calls herself Dr. Schwartz that I've been seeing once a year or so (and more when I get bit by spiders) for the past 20 years is really a Chiropracter!!!?

I wondered why she insisted I get my back realigned after she had me turn my head and cough.
poems of the Jesus...

I can;t tell if the impostor is French or Borat.
I forgot to mention the caveat to the health workers pledge:
If you are of Jewish heritage you are allowed to be funny.
I just cannot understand how a guy who shoves people thru a tube all day has never heard of the Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in the hole story. Didn't they cover this in like Radiology school?

The guy kept droning on about the ink they are injecting is going to make me feel warm and tingly and that is normal ...

blah blah and I am like ..."And then he ate too much honey! And when he went to leave Rabbit's house, he could not fit back thru the hole again! and they tried pushing him thru, and pulling him thru, and Finally rabbit got used to Winnie hanging up there and used him as a coat rack, see? Like he hung things on him! Because he was there so long...."

and the guy: " Uh Huh. Take a deep breath and hold whirrrr zooom.......... ok breathe now."

"(EHXALE) and then finally Winnie the Pooh had to just go on a diet and he finally got out of there after a week, and that should have taught him ...."

"Elizabeth let me know if you feel any unusual dizziness or heart rhythm...."

"...a lesson not to eat so much honey especially at someone else's house it is not really polite and most especially if they have a small doorway....."

"Elizabeth give this paper to the woman at the front desk, read all of the post procedure directions and drink a lot of water and call your doctor if experience any symptoms on the list...You can go now...."

"You really should read that one book or maybe they have it on DVD maybe at Netflix. I cannot believe that you haven't....wait which door is out? hey when can I take this bandaid off....."

"Have a nice day, Elizabeth."

I think Bill just wanted to disappear.
You get to be funny if you work in any ICU, if you are working nights, or if you are a reformed Baptist.
IP law guy,

I don't know why you would check this with Osler being gone, but thought i would give it a try. Would you care to comment on the patent reform act of 2007, particularly the venue portion.


East Texas IPlawdude
Actually, I do check this to look out for Spam or other issues that would later create great amusement.

I am actually on the softer side of IP law - trademarks. So my grasp of the patent reform act is not that strong. As far as I can tell, the patent statute is a horrible mess at this point, what with the S. Ct's ruling on the obviousness standard, the many problems with business process patents, etc.

I do follow developments, however, in fact will be attending the ABA meeting this weekend. The IPL section will be discussing. If you would like more info, go to the ABA site and find the Intellectual Property Law Section.
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