Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Bar exam, day one

Day one is over. Long live the first day! For those not taking the exam, these topics were covered:

Criminal Procedure
Defense against the dark arts
Consumer Protection
Life Skills

Wait, wait, wait - defense against the dark arts is a topic? Aren't we "in" the dark arts? (asks the shark)

Also, who teaches potions? Bates?

Why not Potent Potables?
I'm pretty sure the answer to #3 on the defense against the dark arts section was, "The only proper way to dispel an attack from multiple dementors is the patronus charm. The patronus charm is conjured by elevating the wand to shoulder level, thinking of one's happiest, strongest memory, then yelling the words, "Expecto Patronum." At least I'm pretty sure that was the right answer. It was either that or "polyjuice potion."
So I think that I did ok on the test today...but the more entertaining thing was the guy that thought he would make small talk before the test and asked me where I went to school. As soon as the word Baylor fell out of my mouth he instantly looked grim/discouraged and said "oh...didn't you have a 100% pass rate last time?" I smiled and said yes, then asked him where he went to school. He replied "St. Mary's." Not much to say to that! But he didn't ask any more questions! I think I scared him into thinking I was smart!
Anon-- that works kind of like the Patronus charm...
And if you're in the post-law school world, today you were tested on:

Federal Sentencing Guidelines
First Amendment
Sixth Amendment
Louisiana Insurance Law
Texas Insurance Law
Habeas Corpus
Federal Income Tax
Criminal Law

Of course, we got LexisNexis and Westlaw to answer our questions.
Here's what I was tested on today:
-finding a client with a deadline that cannot be extended, yet who has not responded to letters, phone calls or emails
-explaining for the third or fourth time to a Canadian lawyer that although her client has rights in Canada, another company has superior rights here.
-dealing with a Secretary who REALLY doesn't like to put files away -- its beneath her. (one of us has to do it, however, and since I can't bill for my time when I do so....)
-Listening to a colleague explain his latest theories on firm management and why so much time is wasted... of course neither one of us were billing for anything during this discussion.
-Attempting to stay awake as I designated deposition testimony for trial
For as crazy as California is, I am shocked that it doesn't have potions. Oh well, you guys probably don't have gang warfare on your bar.
If anyone reading this ever takes the Virginia Bar, here's a tip I got regarding the Virginia Procedure questions: "If the rule was good enough in 1607, it's still good enough now."
I had a strawberry danish tort once. exquisite.
Who is that guy with Lee Marvin?
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