Saturday, February 03, 2007


The best graduation ever

If you were there, you know it's true.

WJC's speech was great.
That's the first time I've ever seen awake faces in the crowd of Waco Hall.

A meeting of Antiochers? PA.
That ceremony gets the award for Most Forgotten Speeches Ever. Kudos to both forgotten speakers for fantastic speeches. The student speaker is definitely a tradition that should be continued.
Plus, the surprise appearance by the "13th President of the United States." Wow!
I love this photo! Thanks for taking it, Osler.

I love this photo, too. I was sitting back there and thinking what a great picture it would be-- and when I pulled out the camera, Guinn and Wren both pretended not to notice.
Are you going to tell everyone about the evil monster that jumped out of the green shrubbery next to the podium after her speech? Or are we keeping that a secret for national security purposes?
That was a shrubbery problem. Dean Toben had hired Tim the Shrubberer, and he put the evil sprite in there. In traditional Texas style, Heather shot it.
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